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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Okay, so I need to rant..

about my school's financial aid department.. This goes back to like the middle of March. I go to the financial aid office and ask them how to file for summer financial aid. The guy basically does it for me, and all I had to do was sign it, and he said he would submit it, and that I should get a letter in a couple of weeks telling me if I was eligible or not. I was thinking how easy that was.. WRONG! 3 weeks go by and I never get a letter, so I go down there to ask them about it. The lady tells me that HOPE should pay for the tuition, but that I will NOT get Pell because I went full time in the fall and spring. I was bummed, but there was nothing I could do. I was just happy I was going to get HOPE. Then I get an email about summer financial aid that was sent to all students. It says that if we are taking less than six credit hours we would be eligible for Pell.. I am only taking four credit hours, so I call them, and they tell me that they won't know anything until the changes to HOPE and Pell are finalized. Well I knew for a fact that the changes to HOPE had been finalized, so I looked up the email of the lady who is head of the financial aid department, and I emailed her. By this time it is almost the end of April.. I asked her why I hadn't received a letter yet, and if I was or was not going to be eligible for Pell. She emails me back and all she says is that they are just as confused as we are because they are waiting on the final changes?? Okay. So FINALLY a little over a week ago I got a letter, and it says that I am going to get $2775 in Pell, but $0 in HOPE?? So I again call the financial aid office to see why I wasn't eligible for HOPE.. For ten minutes the woman tries to tell me that I used it all. You cannot use all of your HOPE! As long as you keep your grades up it renews each semester. Then after ten minutes she goes.. "Hang on, did you attend here in the Spring." She had asked me for my I.D. at the beginning of the call, so she should have been able to see that for herself! I tell her yes, and she's like "Well, then your grades probably just haven't been put into the system. As long as you have good grades you'll get it." Seriously? Then why did I get a paper telling me I'm not going to? So I keep checking my email everyday to see if I'm getting HOPE. I checked it Wednesday morning, and still nothing. Then I check it again Thursday night, and do you know what I find?? An email that they sent at 3pm on Wednesday saying that we had to have our classes paid for by 3 pm on Thursday or we would be dropped from them?? Well it was 6 pm Thursday so I figured I had been dropped fom my classes.. I called them ALL DAY on Friday.. never got one answer even though they were supposed to be open. Finally I get ahold of them yesterday morning, and the lady tells me that the HOPE did come through and paid my tuition, but I owe $95? I ask her why the Pell didn't cover it and she tells me I'm not getting Pell. As soon as I got off the phone with her I looked up my student profile, and it still says I'm getting Pell. So I go to class today (which was awesome. I loved it!), and as soon as I got done I went to the financial aid office. The lady there tells me that my Pell is still processing, but I AM getting it, however, I had to pay that $95 by tomorrow or they will drop my classes.. UGGG!!! These people are killing me. I paid it with money I was saving for the baby shower, so I better get my Pell grant! Why can't anyone there give me a straight answer?? Sorry guys, but I am just really annoyed and stressed out by all this!

A bit of good news.. Grace had her 18 month check-up today. She is 29.14 lbs and 34 inches long, which apparently Sami was exactly the same at her 18 month check-up.. That is just so funny and cool at the same time lol. I've been a little concerned about Grace's speech because she will say things, and then it's like she forgets how to say them. Like "thank-you." She will not say thank-you anymore. I asked the doctor about it and she said as long as she is forming new words, and hasn't stopped or completely regressed, then it is normal. She says she is just making room for new words. Which she definitely has. Her newest thing is to say "Ohhhhh noooooo!" Just like that lol. If anyone on TV gets hurt she will say it, and then today we went to Taco Bell after the doctor, and she spilled some of her drink on her pants. It was just a little spot, but she just kept grabbing it and saying "Ohhhh noooooo!" She also has been saying Mommy for about a week now! Before it was just mama, so I am excited! Lol. She also say "there" very firmly. She will put something down and say "there." It's so cute. And everytime I go to get her out of her carseat she will point at me and say "you!" And then I have to point and say "you!" back. She thinks it is so funny!
We just found out that Grace's doctor is pregnant.. with TWINS! If she would have just had one baby her due date would be August 30th, but since it's twins they move the due date up, so hers is the beginning of August.. this unfortunately means that she will be on maternity leave when Brentley is born :( I wanted her to be his doctor, and she still will be, but until she comes back we have to see Baughman, and I cannot stand him! :( Poor Brentley. He is not a good doctor at all :(


  1. Ha. Ya. I think it is so funny that she was the same weight and length AND she weighed the same as Kaedyn when she was born.
    Ya. Samantha does that. She will have a word that she says all the time and then when she learns a new one she will say the other one less. She used to say Thank You constantly. The she quit saying it for awhile and now she says it appropriately.
    Oh ya. I am hoping she will be back for Samantha's 3 year check up. lol.

  2. With my brother any sign of regression freaks me out lol. It was such a relief to know that it is normal lol.
    I think she would be by then, assuming she only takes a 6 week maternity leave. If she takes a longer leave then she may not :(

  3. Understandable. Maybe you can get some sort of book that tells what is normal and what isn't? Not sure if they have anything like that, but maybe?

    Ya. I know sometimes they can take up to 12, and with twins, I figured she might. I hope not. lol.

  4. Yea with the twins she may take longer.. I really hope she doesn't. I don't want to have to see Baughman.. I think we may go with McCrosky in tinsley absense.. I've heard she's pretty good. We've only seen her once. She seemed to be pretty good. She at least answered our questions, which Baughman NEVER does, and he gives wrong diagnoses (sp?). Grace had RSV, and he didn't even test her for it. He just told us she had a cold. Then we went back to Tinsley a couple of days later and Grace had had RSV! That could have gotten serious, but apparently it doesn't matter to him.