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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A longggg night..

It wasn't the longest night Grace and I have had, but it was definitely a long night. As I talked about a while back, Grace now has a toddler bed. She usually spends about half of the night in her bed, and then finds her way to ours. We asked her doctor about this yesterday because we want to break her of it.  She told usto just keep taking her back to her bed and getting her back to sleep, and if that doesn't work, take everything out of her room that she can hurt herself on, then close her in and let her cry it out. So last night I was determined to get her to sleep in her bed all night. She woke up right at 3 am, I took her back to her room, and got her back to sleep. Then again at 4 am she was up. I got her back to sleep, but from 4 am - 6:30 am she was up every 15-30 minutes. Every time I took her back to her bed though, and eventually at 6:30 am I think she got the idea. She didn't wake up again until 10:30!! We did it!! From 4 - 6:30 I thought I was going to pass out though lol. I'm used to putting her in our bed, and her going back to sleep, so we sleep for the rest of the night. I was so tempted to just give up and bring her in our room, but I didn't :) I'm going to keep doing this every night, but I have doubts that it will ever stop her from waking up at night. She RARELY sleeps through the night. If anyone has any advice on how to get her to sleep through the night it would be much appreciated! We thought taking one of her naps away would work. She used to nap about two hours after she got up, and then in the middle of the day. Well we took the first nap away. She gets one nap in the middle of the day for 1-2 hours. Should we take that nap away too? I really feel like she still needs that nap because she gets soooo fussy if she doesn't have it. Her doctor said some kids just don't sleep through the night. She said we could try taking away that other nap, but that a lot of the time that will make the child over-tired and just makes it worse.. What do you guys think?


  1. I wouldn't take away that afternoon nap, but definitely the morning nap. In my opinion, they need an afternoon nap. I had the same problem with Samantha and taking away her nap didn't help anything. She still stayed up late, but she was grumpier.

  2. Yea we already took away the morning one and it didn't change anything. So I didn't figure taking the afternoon one away would help either. I guess Grace is just one of those kids that is never going to sleep through the night. I still want to try to get her completely in her bed though. It's just going to make me one tired mommy lol.

  3. Sounds like Kaedyn. I had almost given up but one night I was like this is enough. He never came to our room but he would scream for me it seemed like every time I just laid back down. So I started to just go in there the first time and lay him down and then after that let him cry. I know it sounds harsh but I know if it was a cry for me to come in or a scared hurt cry. I was not going reward that behavior. It was hard long nights. I can not sleep if my kids are awake. So I was awake forever. Eventually he got the idea. I still have a problem with getting him to fall asleep at a decent time though. Still working on it.
    I know how hard this is. I have been through it twice now. It is exhausting but just like everything in gets better. Hold strong and be firm. Not meaning to sound harsh again but she is not going to be mommy's only. She has to learn that you can't always come to her because she wants it. It is better to teach her before he comes that way she doesn't associate mommy not coming to me every time to Brentley being there. Brentley is going to need you more and you will be worried about his sleeping more than hers. It is super important for him to get rest so that he grows healthy as you know.
    In my opinion it's crush time. Time to say ok Grace that's enough. Like your dr said she may be the type to never sleep through the night but very 15 minutes or so is a problem. Especially for a tired mommy. She has to learn to put herself back to sleep.
    I am so afraid I sound bossy. I'm not trying to. This is just my experience with not only my babies but all of my younger siblings and family foster babies that were in and out.

  4. O and yea. I would definitely not take away that afternoon nap. Over tiredness is ALOT worse.

  5. I'd make Chris do it. lol. Or at least trade out. I know Samantha's sleep habits aren't the best. She still crawl in bed with us or even starts out in bed with us. Sometimes on the floor. Sometimes she is on the couch. To be honest, as long as she is sleeping, where she is sleeping is the least of my worries. (Unless it is outside of the house. lol.) I figure she will out grow it and eventually sleep in her bed. But I understand why it is important to you. I am not saying it's dumb or anything. I promise. Will ya'll be co-sleeping with Brentley?

  6. Jessika, you don't sound bossy. I need the advice lol. And I know what you mean, but I can't just leave her in there.. She can get out of her bed (even when she had a crib she knew how to get out), so I don't know how I would just leave her in there. I can close the door, and that may be what I have to resort to.

    Brittany, Grace will not go to sleep unless I am the one putting her to bed or I am not here (like if I'm at school/work), so trading out unfortunately isn't an option :( Grace falls asleep on the couch next to me every night (it's the only way I can get her to sleep), then I move her to her bed because she moves so much. Every time I have tried to leave her on the couch she rolls off :(

  7. Oh and as far as co-sleeping with Brentley.. we don't intend to. I want to try to put him in the bassinet right beside us for awhile, and then eventually move him to his crib, but my hope is that he won't be in our bed.. however, I don't know if I will stick to that or not lol.
    I think if he's in our bed Grace will end up back there too though. I would feel so horrible having him in bed with us, but making her sleep on her own in another room when she clearly doesn't want to lol.