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Friday, May 13, 2011

Okay, so I know I'm not crazy..

My last post is gone.. the one about Brentley's room, the pillowcases, etc. What the heck? That post took forever. I would really like to know what happened to it. Can you guys see it? I looked in my "Edit Posts" and it's not showing up there either :(

Well some good news, I had a doctor's appointment today, and they said everything looked good. My tummy is measuring where it is supposed to (they can actually measure it now! Lol), and his heartbeat was 154, which she said was good. I gained like 2 more lbs. I don't want to gain :( lol, but I know I am supposed to. I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow :)

I also found out that I got Pell and Hope for the summer! The Hope covered everything, and I'm getting $2700 in Pell.. which is a blessing because we just found out that I have two busted motor mounts on my car :( I can still drive it, but if we let it go too long the other two will eventually break and my motor will fall out of my car! It's going to cost between $200 and $500 to fix, and we had no idea how we were going to pay for it, but now we can use the Pell money once it comes in. I start my first class on Tuesday.. I'm not looking forward to that at all :( But I know it has to be done. I just keep reminding myself it's only two days a week lol.

UPDATE: I just reserved the Graysville Precinct (where we had Grace's 1st birthday party) for our baby shower!! Pretty much everything is set now. The shower is going to be on July 16th. I am thinking I'm probably going to have it at 2 pm. That usually works out for most people. So everyone keep your calendar's clear for that day :) Now I just have to start buying the supplies.
This an example of the invitations I am going to have..
I couldn't find one with duckies, so this will have to do. I am going to have a 4D ultrasound pic (which I forgot to mention  we are getting in 3 weeks!) inside the circle, and all the shower info on the right side. It looks really cute when it's fixed up.


  1. Ya. Apparently when you text me yesterday about Blogger, the whole site was down. They just got it back up like an hour ago. They had to temporarily delete any posts since like Thursday and they are SUPPOSED to be restoring them. Don't know if they will though.

    That is great you get Pell. I'm sure that'll really help. It used to really help to get money in savings and pay off any debts.

  2. I didn't know that. I hope they get the posts back up :/ I wonder why they had to delete them.

    Yea it's definitely going to help! We have so much we need to pay for.. the 4D ultrasound(which I forgot to mention I am getting in 3 weeks!!), my car being fixed, the baby shower, a car seat and stroller (hopefully double stroller), Brentley's bedset, etc. I was getting worried about how we were going to get it all before August.. now my mind is at ease :) I mean of course we would have found a way.. we always do lol, but this makes it all so much easier.

  3. It put your post back up. lol. Apparently they did an update on Wednesday and it messed things up, so they had to restore it to the previous point where it was working. Does your insurance not pay for 4D? Yes, it does make things easy. It always made Christmas time easier for us too. lol.

  4. Yea blooger was down=(
    Those are cute invites. I wish I could be there but I can always send something up that way. I am so excited about PELL and hope to. Praise God!!! I have 3 classes this summer.

  5. Brittany.. I don't think so. It didn't with Grace. I remember you saying that yours paid for it.. was it the wellcare that paid for it? I'm thinking it may just be my doctor because they make you pay for it up front.. they don't even send it in..

    Jessika.. Don't feel obligated to send something. I didn't realize you were starting classes again already. Good luck! My school has been a nightmare with financial aid. I actually didn't think I was going to get any money at all, then I was supposed to get HOPE, but not Pell. Then it came in and I got Pell, but not HOPE, then literally at the last minute my HOPE came through. It has got me all thrown off.