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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The brave prego!

So it is like 90 degrees outside today.. Jessika I know that's like norm for you guys, but not for me lol.. for me it is HOT. But I braved it out and went to 1890's Day. It's a festival Ringgold has every year for Memorial Day. I knew I had to go this year because they managed to pull it together after the tornado, so I put on my SPF 50 sunscreen and we went. We got there at 10:30, and met my mom and sister for the parade that was starting at 11. Chris was checking out some cars (from the car show they have), and ended up getting stuck on the opposite side of the street lol. After the parade we got some food.. I got a blooming onion.. YUM! I get it every year because I never get them any other time lol.

Then we took my sister and Grace to ride on some of the blow ups.

Chris helping my sister.

Chris and Grace.

Chris and Grace on a different one. I wish I could do this stuff with her :(

Btw, I am 27 weeks today (HOLY CRAP.. ALREADY??).. and as you can see from this picture (that's me in the blue in the background)..
I am quite the beached whale now. I feel like I look 9 months pregnant! I didn't even start showing with Grace until I was six months pregnant.. I won't be six months pregnant until 8 days from now :( I am HUGE! I have now come to terms with the fact that Brentley is probably going to be much bigger than Grace. I've heard that's how it works.. the second is almost always bigger than the first :( I like tiny babies, like 6-7 lbs. I'm afraid Brentley is going to be like 9lbs!

Lol anyway.. We are home now. Grace is like 5 shades darker and she had the SPF 50 sunscreen on too.. me on the otherhand.. I think I might have gotten a little burnt with the SPF 50 :p It never fails. At least it's not bad.. I have been known to look like a lobster before.

Also, my school screwed me over.. I was awarded the Pell Grant, but I cannot claim it!! I am beyond p-ed off. It's a really long story, so I'm not going to go into it on here, but let me just say, I have sent an email to the head of the financial aid department asking for an appointment with her. There are several people in that office that I aim to get fired! Luckily I did get HOPE, so my classes are paid for, but because of these people's stupidity I get to stare at my $2700 (on my student profile), but never get it.. GRRRRRRRR!


  1. Looks fun! We didn't go. We had a birthday party to go to, and I am not big on 1890s day. Ya. I heard you start to show sooner with 2nd and 3rd pregnancies...and so on. How much did Grace weigh again?

  2. 7 lbs 14 oz. Just barely under 8 lbs, so I am sure that Brentley will be at least 8 lbs, but I'm thinking he might even reach 9 lbs. Of course that is assuming I make it to full term. I'm honestly not sure how well my uterus is holding him in. I have been having a lot of pain that feels like stretching lately. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it on my appointment on the 3rd.

  3. Ha Ha. Ya. I promise a little over 8 isn't bad. Samantha wasn't far from 9 pounds, and she wasn't that bad.
    I would definitely bring it up. He probably won't come out early, but if you are already hurting that bad and you are only 6 months, it will probably just get worse. Did you have any problems with Grace?

  4. I barely had anything with Grace.. no dizziness, no morning sickness, normal weight gain, no food aversions, no heightened sense of smell, definitely no pain.

    The only things I had with her were having to pee a lot, average weight gain, pre natalss made me sick two times, swollen legs/ankles, craved ice constantly, and my arms would get numb if I laid flat on my back.. that sounds like a lot, but if I listed all of the things I have had with this baby it would take me an hour..

    I've actually been having that stretching feeling for awhile now, but recently it has gotten a lot worse. It feels like it is ripping sometimes, but I never bleed, so I try not freak out. I also have had what felt like contractions a couple of times. I am sure they are just Braxton Hicks, but I didn't have ANY Braxton Hicks with Grace until 5 days before her due date, and I only had them that one time for like an hour..

  5. Haha!!! I remember those days.

    Okay honestly I don't want you take this the wrong way. Talking to you through my iPad doesn't exactly let you see my face and hear tone....but....
    Everything you have described(except the numbness) is normal. I had that pain were it feels like your ripping from 6 weeks on with Ellanoa and around 8-9 weeks with Charleigh. Your uterus is a lot weaker now. It's been stretch Ed out and through this before. The muscles are no where near what they use to be....pretty much nonexistent(not many just you...every woman whose been pregnant basically)Especially since you had your pregnancies close. you are going to feel ALOT more pain and stretching and definitely have
    ALOT of Braxton Hicks. Also take in consideration that you this far along then you were with Grace in the summer. Heat has HORRIBLE side effects on pregnant women. I have almost passed out and have definitely blacked completely out while pregnant in the summer. I really am not trying to sound mean and I definitely believe that you should bring it up to your doctor. But a lot of women with multiple pregnancies have been through this. I PROMISE! I also don't mean to sound like a know it all because I have been through it 3 times. I'm just trying to comfort in any way I can and tell you that I have been through this all before. Of course I'm not a dr but a women who has had her fair share. If Brentley is moving and there is no bleeding your doing good momma! I know the last stretch is hard. Try not to compare pregnancies(I know that's super hard). No 2 pregnancies are exactly alike.

    Also have your water levels been checked? Sometimes those cause cramping...also ovarian cistern. Before you freak out there is a kind that you get when you are pregnant. I had them with Ellanoa and they rupture on their own. O and if your contractions hurt it does not mean that it is not Braxton Hicks. I don't care what anybody says but those jokers hurt! O and some of your pain could becoming from the way little man is sitting.

  6. Girl I don't think you are trying to be mean at all.. It is actually nice to have some reassurance from someone who has been through it. No, you're not a doctor, but you have been through it, so it's not like you are just spouting off something you know nothing about.
    At my last ultrasound my water was good, but that was at 19 weeks. I won't get my next ultrasound until the day before 28 weeks. It's been 8 weeks since they last checked. They probably check again on the 3rd though.
    Oh and I know Braxton Hicks hurt.. the one time I had them with Grace I thought I was in labor! I couldn't move and could barely breathe when I was having them. Plus I was having them every 3 minutes, but by the time we called my doctor, and she called us back they stopped LOL.

  7. Ok! Good! I'm always afraid I sound like one of those "know it alls"
    Do you know if your blood pressure is high/ low? Do you swell alot. I mean like ALL the time where it is super noticeable? Another way to check is to push on your skin and you know that white color when you let up...well if it stays more than 3 secs than your pressure could be a little high and you Amy need to lay down perferrably with your feet up to get blood flow going good back through the heart. At least that was what I was told. Hehe! Worked for me when I was pregnant and not pregnant.

    O and the bigger than the first pregnancy thing never happened with me though I thought it theory is that boys just make you bigger because they generally have a bigger stature. If Brentley takes after Chris than yea he will most likely be bigger maybe more long than actual weight. I know that Chris was a premie but you can tell that he would have been a bigger baby. He's super tall.