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Saturday, May 7, 2011

24 weeks!!

Welp I am 24 weeks today :) I have been getting heartburn more.. yuck. Our neighbor invited us over for homemade chili two nights ago, and it was GOOD, but I was regretting it later because I had heartburn for three hours straight :( I get heartburn almost everyday now.
I am also starting to have a lot of pain while walking. When I walk for long periods of time it starts feeling like my uterus is stretching or something. Then last night I swear I had a contraction. It was just one, so I'm sure it was a Braxton Hicks, but I really hope I am not going to start having those often! I was standing up, and it made me bend over. This pregnancy is so different that I never know what to expect.
I do know that he is VERY active. A lot more active then I remember Grace being. I remember Grace would mostly only kick at night when I was trying to sleep, but here Brentley is kicking right now as I'm typing this. Also, this boy has some very bony elbows lol. I think he has bruised my insides with his elbows :p I'm laughing now, but I bet I won't be when he's like six times the size he is now.

24 weeks. Taken this morning.

Also, earlier I was talking about our neighbor. There's this girl, she's 26. She lives across the street from us with her two boys. One is 7 and the other is 3. She was a teen mom too at one point. Her husband is in the army, and he is deployed to Afganistan right now. She said this is the first time he has been deployed, and it's been really hard on her. When she invited us over for dinner I got to know a lot about her. Her husband is coming home in July. He will have been gone for a year when he gets back. She said that since he's coming home, and both of her boys birthdays are in July they are going to have a big birthday/welcome home party with big blow up water slides and bounce houses (there are no other trailers beside her for two lots, so she can do it), and that we are invited. She also said they will be moving oversees in September.. they are buying the trailer they live in, but now that he has to go oversees they don't want it anymore. She said that we could have it. They don't want anything for it. They just want someone to take over the payments. It has a fireplace, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, and a much bigger kitchen and living room. It even has a bigger porch. It's a really good offer, and we are considering it, but I don't know if I want to own a trailer. Plus they pay more than we do, so we'd have to figure out if we could even afford it. We still have awhile to think about it.. what do you guys think? And please be honest, it won't hurt my feelings if you think it's a bad idea.

Aside from that.. I am going to attempt to make homemade chicken salad tonight. I've never done it before, so we'll see how it goes lol. And then, I know you guys are probably getting tired of the tornado stuff, but I just wanted to share this link.. This is a video my mom made with pictures she personally took. It really shows a lot of the damage because she took pictures of everything, not just businesses. Also, it's the first video she's ever made, so she couldn't get the music to work all the way through, you'll have to ignore that, and there is one picture that shows up 3 times, so ignore that too lol.

She talks about her daughter crying.. she's talking about my sister. It broke my heart because when I was over at my mom's the other day she played a video she had found, and my sister just started bawling her eyes out :( She is so devastated, especially about McDonald's. As funny as that is, it's so sad too. Her little town has been destroyed. She's old enough to understand that, but not old enough to understand why :(


  1. That is a good video, but sad. As far as the trailor goes, I wouldn't. You don't want to strain yourselves financially or be stuck. A lot of times, once someone has bought something like that, they don't feel the need to move anymore because they own it, and you said yourself you don't want to live there forever. Plus when you are buying, you have to fix your own things...:(

  2. That is very true.. I didn't even think about having to fix things on our own. If we owned it we could eventually move it to a private lot (after we bought one lol), but I just don't think I want to live in a trailer all my life, even if it was on a private lot. Especialy if we are going to start having a lot of tornados around here :(

  3. WOW time is flying. They really mean it when they say every pregnancy is different. HAHA!! All 3 of mine were.

    As for the trailer... I would say no thank you. Brittany already mentioned fixing things so not only does how much your paying every month go up, you having to fix things yourself(which can be pricy), but you also have to have home owners insurance. And if you dont want to live in a trailer forever dont. I would just save the extra you would be paying to put it towards a house of your dreams =)

  4. I think you guys are right. I didn't think about homeowners insurance either.. gah I feel naive lol. I'm sure they can find someone to take it before September. There's actually probably plenty of people will to buy it from them if they would put it on craigslist or something.
    I like that trailer better than ours, but not enough to live in it forever lol. And I don't want to commit to buying something that we aren't going to live in forever (or at least for a long time).

  5. Ha Ha. Don't feel niave. I wanted to rent a house this June, and then I sat down and thought about all the expenses with just renting a house, paying water, more electric, trash, etc. And then having to keep up our own yard and such...ya...We are just going to stay here. lol.

  6. We have to keep up our own yard here. We pay this guy $15 every two weeks to weedeat and mow our yard. He does it for almost everyone in the neighborhood. We also have to pay water. Luckily they do pay trash though.

  7. That sucks you have to pay water. Trash isn't expensive, but it's annoying to have to pay another bill. lol. Now that Jessie has this new job, we are doing a whole lot better, but we still want to keep the bills down. I don't want to get ourselves in trouble by adding too many bills.