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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update on the house and life.

Well we got to go look at it during the day today.. it was VERY outdated. Everything was old.. the walls were panelled and the boarder around the top looked 60 years old, there was a huge stain in the living room (like we thought), there was no mirror in the bathroom and paint all over the bathroom sink, the closets were tiny, the porch was worse in the day light, the windows were so old they still has wooden panels and looked like they hardly closed, the bedrooms were no bigger than what we have now, and there was a trailer in the back yard! Like literally a trailer that someone lived in, and it looked really run down. We just don't think it would be a good place to raise the babies. We decided it was not for us. We are going to continue to look though. At least we have until the end of August. But I'm hoping sooner than that, so we can be all moved in before the baby comes.

In other news.. I started school back yesterday. So far I think I will like all my classes. I ordered 3 of my four books off because I signed up for Amazon Student.. well I got one of them today and it is the instructor's edition. I looked back at the post.. no where did it say anything about it being the instructor edition! It is still the right book though, so I am going to go talk to my instructor on Monday and see what he says about it. And one of my books didn't even come today like it was supposed to.
One good thing is that I made friends with a girl last semester, she has a little boy, and she is in one of my classes again this semester. We even sat together today, and we have been trying to find each other on facebook, but that's not going well for some reason. I have never told her this, but she taught me that you really cannot judge a book by it's cover (so to speak).. when I first started talking to her she told me she was a single mom.. so of course I automaically assumed that the guy just took off or they had issues or something. As I got to know her better I found out that she was married and both her and her husband were in the Marine's. She got discharged for medical reasons and later became pregnant with their son. We were sitting in history waiting for our instructor when she was telling me this.. when her son was 19 months old she got a knock at her door. She had been sick with kidney stones and was laying on the couch, so the two men at the door came in. They were Marine's in uniform and they knelt down beside the couch and one of them said, "Ma'am we regret to inform you that your husband has been killed in action." She started crying as she was telling me this and made me cry too.. It was so sad! I hate that I judged her.. it wasn't a bad type of judging, but I just assumed that she was a single mom because of something in the relationship. I never stopped to consider that the father might be dead. It has taught me a valuable lesson though, and I now try to see the bigger picture in things.

Another lesson I learned recently.. a boy I went to school with in high school and had talked to through mutual friends a few times died the other day. He was driving and texting (and not wearing a seat belt) when he hit a brick wall. I don't know much, but I know his lungs and heart detached because his chest hit the steering wheel and he was killed instantly. I wasn't close to him by any means.. I didn't even recognize his name at first, and had to look him up, but it is still so sad. He was only 19 years old. I always wear my seat belt (raised that way) and never text and drive and I am thankful for that. My dad's best friend was killed by someone who was texting and driving about three years ago, so I learned to not text and drive before I could even drive.
And then the next day Chris, Grace and I were on our way home from my doctor's appointment when we hit dead still traffic on the interstate. We only went about five miles in an hour literally. When we got up to the hold up all I saw was an 18-wheeler pulled over and a cop with his lights on behind him. Later I found out (from the news) that the truck was entering the interstate after being on the side of the road and a woman ran into the back of him.. killing her instantly as well. We drove right where someone had died only an hour or so before. Scary thought! Plus the woman was a teacher at the high school a block from our aptartment.
 The lesson I learned here is that life truly is short. I want to seize everything.. take my children to the park, spend more one on one time with Chris, take my dog for a walk, read my Bible more, just everything that I feel like I don't do enough. I am not even 19 yet.. my life could end tomorrow and I don't want to have any regrets.

Some good news.. Grace said "cookie" today! Lol.


  1. Oh, that is sad about the girl whose husband died. That is just terrible. A woman that goes to my church, she was a teen mom and her husband died. That is just terrible. It is still hard on her and her son and it has been like 3 years. Her son is 4, but she actually made it all the way through college and everything!
    As far as that lady goes, my Mom knew her. =( It was a lady she worked with step daughter. She had a 10 year old son and a 4 month old son. How sad is that? =( I was thinking the same thing when I heard about both of them (heard the same day.)

  2. That is so sad. My heart goes out to her.
    It also goes out to the mother of the son who died. I honestly fear something lke that happening to my baby's when they are teenagers.
    I had a friend in my senior year who died in a car accident. A guy pulled out in front of her and she swerved and hit the shoulder to hard and flip her truck. Both her and her boyfriend were not buckled and were thrown from the car, She died and he was in a coma. he woke up asking for her.
    Her mother was so upset she had to leave the funeral because she starting screaming and crying not my baby. It was soooo sad.

  3. Brittany.. It's been like 3 years for her too. You can tell it still effects her because when she talks about him she just sounds so broken.. like something is missing that she is never going to have back. She's a sophomore in college now.
    That really is sad about her kids.. I didn't know she had kids. I only heard stuff on channel 3 and they didn't mention that.

    Jessika.. that really is sad about that boy. Did he live?
    My greatest fear is one of my children being kidnapped and/or murdered, and them never finding the person.

    As far as deaths at our school.. we had several. The first was my friend Timmy.. we weren't like best friends, but we ate lunch together and walk to class and stuff. He overdosed..
    Then there was a boy a grade under me and overdosed.
    Then there was a boy named Shaun.. someone spread the rumor that he had a gun, and it turned into gun on campus, so we were all put on lock down for over an hour while they searched for him. Turns out he did have a gun, but he was in his ex girl friend's yard, and he shot himself..
    Then there was a girl who almost died.. she must have had a death wish because she was driving, texting, drunk, and it was raining when she lost control and hit a tree. Se literally broke her neck and had to be put in a halo to keep her head on. She was on homebound for the rest of her senior year.. she missed everything (and she was one of the homecoming queen candidates, but didn't get to attend because of that).