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Monday, January 24, 2011

Nine weeks..

So as of Sunday I was 9 weeks! One more week and I will be one-fourth of the way there!
Funny thing is, I was talking to my dad about how we wanted a boy and he made a really good point. His uncle had a girl and then a boy, his dad had a girl and then a boy, both of his sisters had a girl and then a boy, he had me and then my brother, and his neice had a girl and then a boy. I have no idea if that means anything or not.. maybe we have some sort of weird jeans or something, but it is looking pretty good for us having a boy this time!

Here is what I look like at nine weeks.. no change really even though I already feel huge. I know it's coming though. Hopefully I don't show until between 5 and 6 months like I did with Grace, but I kind of doubt that due to me being bigger already, and especially if it's a boy. I want to try to post a pic every few weeks so I can keep up with my tummy growing. I have tons of pics from when I was pregnant with Grace.

Speaking of Grace, she is learning more and more everyday. Now when I ask her if something is yummy she will go "mm mmm mmmm" but only if she likes it. And when she gets excited about something sometimes she will start stomping her feet and other times she will go "oh wow, wow!" It is just too cute. Also, today she bumped her head and she looked at me and said, "ow." That was her first time saying that.
She is also beginning to show signs of being ready to potty train. When I tell her I have to go peepee she will follow me to the bathroom and sit on her potty. She pulls at her diaper when she pees in it, and if I asked her if she poopied she will looked down and pull at her diaper if she did. I know she isn't ready yet because she can't tell us if she has to go, but we are getting there.
Last thing.. we did her first finger painting the other day. She seemed to enjoy it. She did manage to stick her finger in her mouth once, so she got a nice taste :p It was Crayola, non-toxic, so I didn't worry. Just wiped her mouth out. When she got done it sort of looked like she made flowers.

And then I thought you guys would like this.. Presenting, the funny faces of Grace!

And then one of mommy and Gracy to finish it off :)


  1. You don't look huge at all! lol.
    That is so cute. Samantha used to do that, walk in there and sit on the potty. I used to take her to the bathroom with me so she wouldn't cry at the door. I think that is one reason she potty trained so quick. Does Grace go with you most of the time?
    I LOVE the faces. Samantha is in the funny voice stage. She will take her fingers and squeeze her nose and talk.

  2. Yea for 9 weeks!!!!!!! I thought it depenedon the guys genes whether or not it is a boy or girl..but it may have something to do with it...cross my fingers ...h
    Eres to hoping Hrace gets a little brother :)
    Speaking of Grace...she is getting so big. And look at the hair. I got so excited when they finally had a noticeable amount of hair. I had such bald babies. Ely o the other hand had a good th back...but still some hair. I love Graces faces. She is such a silly girl! I decide if she looks more like you or more like Chris?????
    And you do not look big at all. You look awesome. But I know how you feel..been there done that ...3 times.haha!!! It is just bloating and such.
    You may show around 5 or 6 months...that is how I was with all of them...I did get bigger with kaedyn though but that wasn't till the end. Were you like me and you just woke up one day and you had a tummy???
    Like 11 more weeks till we prove your gender hunch right. I'm so excited.

    O drew and seen the picture on here and said that your crazy if you think your big. Your tiny...if you were smaller before than you really must have been tiny.

  3. Brittany.. yea Grace usually goes with me. She will cry at the door too, so I let her come with me.

    Jessika.. I think it does depend on the guys genes, but I can hope :p
    And yes, I totally woke up one day and there was my prego tummy lol.
    I don't think I am fat.. I just don't like that I am bigger then I used to be. Trust me I was smaller.. size 0. No lie.

  4. Ohh and one other thing.. since I got pregnant I have lost 6lbs.. Thank goodness! Hopefully I can keep the weight gain minimal.

  5. Wow size 0. I don't think I have ever been that small. I have been a size 5 or 7 (depends on the brand) since I can remember but that is because my legs and butt are HUGE. Lol. Boys use to call me thick. Haha.
    Yea when I woke up with my preggo belly when I was pregnant with kaedyn I cried because I had nothing to wear to school. The funny thing is that I was dying to have a cute pregnant belly. It wasn't so cute once I got it though.
    I hope you get your boy but I know you will be happy either way.
    Yeah...I worked hard to keep my weight gain low...though once I got past the nausea I couldn't stay away from some sweet stuff. Haha. But mostly I had a hard time with carbs...I wanted breads and pastas like crazy but knew that they were fatting so I had to keep them at a minimum. I also made sure to at least walk a couple miles almost every day if not everyday.

  6. Yea.. I could fit in size 0 as a freshman, but I mostly wore size 2. After I was with Chris for several months I guess I got comfortable with him and I gain a little weight. Went to like a size five. Now I am a size 7 or 9 depending on the brand. 9's are kind of falling off of me now though. I have lost 13 lbs in all. I don't want to lose too much though because I know it's not good for the baby.

    Luckily anything pasta disgusts me right now. I can handle bread to an extent. I'm really more wanting salty stuff. Too much sweet stuff makes me feel gross too. I've actually been craving healthier stuff like pretzels, fruits, and veggies.

  7. Awesome things to crave. Way better than having a sweet tooth. You are so tiny. I wish I could be that small. Even though I can fit the same size as I was in high school I still feel really big and stomach just does not look the same...stretch marks ( really aren't that bad) and the stretch out ski. Ugh. I know tmi. I told drew that I have to be the only girl that has it. He says he doubts it but I swear by it.