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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sooo excited!!

I never realized that we could have custom clothes made for Grace, but since Grace was born I have discovered the world of embroidery. We really want to get the new baby a personalized outfits for it's coming home outift, but I was feeling kind of guilty because Grace didn't have one of her own. Well I figured out a way to make it fair!

Of course we would have their names out on there, but I think these are just precious!! And they really aren't that expensive. They will match :):) We will have the babies new born pictures made with them in one of these two outfits. And yes, I know.. we don't know for sure that it's a boy, but all of these have girl options too. I just think these are too cute! Found them all on Definitely my new favorite website :)

And on the pink and black one you can customize not only the names, but the characters and color's as well. I really love that one!


  1. Omg those are so cute. I love that website too. :)
    Both Charleigh and Ellanoa had embroidered coming home outfits. Poor kaedyn just had a pair of pjs.

  2. Grace had a really cute little brown and pink polka dot teddy bear dress from Carter's, cute little pink shoes, and a big pink bow. She still looked adorable, but I wish I would have thought of getting her something personalized.

  3. As far as making it fair goes, I think her coming home outfit was gorgeous! But if that isn't good enough, I think her having a Big Sister outfit to match will make her feel just as good. I think she will be so proud.
    I Love the outfits. I will check out the website. I Love embroidered stuff! I Love bags the most. I just hate spending so much on an outfit unless it is like a pillowcase dress that they can wear for a long time.

  4. I love her coming hme outfit. I still have it. I'm never going to getrid of it, but I just feel like one day she may look back and say , "why didn't I get to have my name on my shirt?" You know what I mean? So this way I can be like, "Look you both had names on your shirts."

    These outfits are actually really cheap. Especially the top ones because they are just shirts, and I think that think is iron on. The bottom ones are a little more expensive, but not too bad. Like $12 a peice. The website is a little hard to navigate.. if you don't have a specific thing you want to search for you have to go through pages and pages to find what you want, but that's what I did.. it's not terrible. Just time consuming. I bookmarked the pages so I don't have to search for them again lol.

  5. Welcome to the world of 2 or in my case 3. You will be forever trying to make sure everything is fair...I mean everything. Did the get the same amount of snack. Do they have an equal amount of presents. Are their presents equal in "coolness" (meaning you dont want to buy one a really cool gift and the other a not so cool gift). You will see. You will constantly be trying to make sure everything is fair because you dont want one thinking you love the other more.

  6. Ya. That would suck. I know I am 18 now, but my little brother gets treated 10 times better than we did and I am jealous! I don't hate him for it, but it's like my Mom likes him better? It seems like she cares more. It's not just that she buys him more, but he sleeps in her bed. When we were little, we weren't allowed in her bed. And she brags about him ALL the time to her friends, but does she ever mention how we are doing-NO!
    Anyway, that isn't a bad price. That is why I want to learn to sew though. It would be a lot cheap to buy the fabric and use the embroiderer on the sewing machine. I learned how to get the matching on and everything. I think I am going to start with a pillow case dress for Samantha this summer.
    Oh, and if she asks that say, The same reason you got a bow in your hair and he didn't! lol. (If he is a boy.)
    Or here's one...I don't know. Is it fair that you are the oldest and you got us to yourself for almost 2 years? You got all the toys. The attention. But he comes along and has to split everything in half right away. Is that fair? lol.