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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just our luck..

So I know I have talked about it some on here before, but our neighbors are pretty much the nosiest, most annoying neighbors a person can have. Every time we leave they want to know where we are going , what we are doing, who we are going to see. If we let Ollie out they claim that Ollie scatches on their door, so they bring him back to us (we know that's not true because Ollie has never scratched on our door, they just want to get in our business). They always complain about Chris playing his Kinect.. I paid $150 for that thing.. he only does it during the day, and they knew what they were getting into when they moved into an apartment.. it really gets old because they come upstairs everytime asking us to quiet down. Also they smoke so much that we can smell it in our apartment. We are just really fed up with this.. we started looking at possibly moving to a nicer apartment, but we found a small house. If we moved into it we would actually save $360 a year. It's a two bedroom, but we really can't afford a three bedroom right now. At least we wouldn't have to live in an apartment anymore, we would have a yard, and it has a screened in porch.
We called the guy today, and he said that it was unlocked so we were welcome to go look at it.

This is where the bad news starts.. we pulled up and there were two cars parked in the driveway with about six teenagers crowded around. They watched us as we pulled up and all started jumping in the car.. Chris jumped out to ask if it was the right house and one of the guys started rambling off something about their car breaking down and having to come get another one, and then they left. We went in.. it was dark, so we are going to haveto go back beause the guy failed to tell us that there was no electricity. It looked like their might be a stain in the living room floor, and there definitely was not a stove (if it's not furnished we won't even be able to get the place because we can't afford a stove, but we are hoping the are just replacing it.. I mean it is renting.. surely we wouldn't have to provide a stove in a place we were renting). Also the screened in porch wasn't the nicest, but it was still a porch. Then we moved to the first bedroom and I immediately noticed something on the floor.. it was glass.. the window was completely busted out. I immediately thought back to the suspicious teens in the drive way.. then we went to the other bedroom.. the same thing! Another busted out window. There is no way the guy would send us in there knowing about that. We called him, but he didn't answer. We are terrified that we are going to get blamed for this.. we really didn't do anything, but of course we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Aside from all that we are hoping to get to go back and look during the day. It was definitely bigger than our apartment and with the screened in porch we could have some sort of outdoor playroom and get this huge castle play gym out of Grace's room. It also appeared that the livingroom and hall walls were light brown with a boarder around the top. I like this.. no more plain white walls! The kitchen seemed a little outdated as far as the cabinets, but it was bigger than our kitchen. We'll have to find out about that stove though.
I really like the idea of this place.. having a house would be nice. No neighbors who can hear your every move or stop you in the hall to ask where you are going. And despite the kids, the neighborhood looked pretty quiet. Just some small houses.. There were a couple of trailers on the street behind it, but they didn't look too bad. Again, we want to go back during the day (if we are even allowed back). I'll keep you guys updated.


  1. Oh my. That's terrible . That's awesome you guys found a house though. I'm tired of apartments too, but we have to wait until our lease is up. :(

  2. We have a lease too, but our landlord told us when we move in that all we have to do is give him like a two week notice, and he is fine with it. We are trying to figure out how we would pay the deposit for this place if we do get it because we paid our rent for this month, so we don't have enough for a deposit (it's $420 to move in). But if we do want it and can get it, then we'll figure it out. One good thing about the windows being busted out is it will be longer before we could move in, and my Pell comes in around the 20th, so we could use that.

  3. My landlord is a prick. He would probably sue if we broke our lease, even with a notice. Oh ya, and if you file income tax soon, there is some more money. Or you could ask to wait until the first since you have to give a 2 week notice. Anyway, good luck! =p

  4. Well we went and looked in the light today, and we decided we didn't want it. I'll explain more in a post later.