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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Facebook posts..

So I saw someone else do this on their blog, and I thought it was cute. I went back through all of my posts on facebook in 2010 and found all the funny ones about Grace. I think you guys will like this :)
(The go from old to new).
  • c fv b rxfc g v vvbdcv vvg ut5fdffffffff drr55SS FGTCR -Letting Grace make my status lol.
  •  hihhg mb umbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm dfc dbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb -Gracy's status :)
  • Someone knocked on the door below us and Grace went to our door and said kept saying "hey" because she wanted to let them in lol! 
  • Thank-God! Finally got on the website.. Grace's formula is not part of the recall :) No bug parts for my baby girl.
  • Grace just walked up to me and shoved apple pie crust in my mouth lol
  •  Grace ordered me a ring back tone?? There goes $5 down the drain lol.
  •  Grace slept through the night last night for the first time!! After 11 months it's about time lol.
  • Ohh the joys of motherood.. I just got thrown up on :(
  • Just sent off for a new phone (I hate water damage).. This one is not going anywhere near Grace's mouth lol.
  •  Tonight I realized how much Grace needs to work on the concept of sharing lol.
  •  Grace's sneeze just knocked her off her feet lol.
  • 98.1 is officially mine and Grace's new favorite station :) Grace was dancing in her car seat lol.
  •  So Selena Gomez definitely used to be on Barney! The things I learn from watching t.v. with Grace lol ;p
  • I swear that the things I put away just jump right back off the shelves, out of the toy box, and out of the drawers. It is impossible to keep things put away around here lol.
Got to love having a kid to make facebook more interesting! Lol.


  1. Ha Ha. That is cute! I bet I would find a million funny things about Samantha if I went back through mine on MySpace.

  2. HAHA!!! LOVE IT!!!!! I especially love the one about the phone and water damage. That happened to us also. The stuff people dont tell you about kids :)