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Saturday, January 15, 2011

8 weeks today!!

Gosh.. when I was pregnant with Grace I had just found out at this point, and I didn't even see her first ultrasound until 10 weeks. It's weird knowing I'm pregnant so early along. I almost hate it lol. I wish it was closer to time to knowing if it is a boy or a girl. I often find myself calling it "him." I don't even realize it until after I've done it :p
At this point I get nauseated a lot.. still no morning sickness, but a lot of nausea all throughout the day. Grace and I went to the mall todaywith Morgan and Christian and she wanted to go to McDonalds before we went to the mall... no exacly my pick, but I got some fries and a snack wrap. I could barely eat anything. I didn't even take a bite of my snack wrap, and ate a few fries. Then afterwards I felt nauseated.. that's pretty much an everyday thing for me.
For the most part I have no appetite. Pretty much everything disgusts me, and the things that don't are things I'm not supposed to eat like lunch meats, fish, and feta cheese. Does anyone know if fish is okay as long as it's cooked? I haved looked it up online, but I get conflicting answers.
I do get spontaneous cravings.. I don't crave anything specific.. it's usually something someone mentions or something I see on tv. This is new to me too. With Grace it was ice all nine months, and french fries for the first two months. Nothing else.
I get irritated easy.. it seems like everything Chris does irritates me lol. For the most part Grace doesn't irritate me. If she is really fussy I can feel myself getting irritated, and I'll ask Chris to watch her for a minute so I can cool off. I do not want to take anything out on her.
I am starting to have to pee a lot lol. This is normal for me. With Grace very early on I started having to get up once a night.. I have stated this again :( Which means that when I get bigger it will become two times, three times, to the point where it's four to six times a night :(
I can't really think of any more symptoms right now, but I know there are more.. I have a ton!

I have been trying to get Grace to understand that there is a baby in there. I ask her where the baby in mommy's tummy is and she will pat my tummy. I can also ask her to kiss it and she will, but I really don't feel that she understands it. I think she does it just to hear the "good girl!"
We are going to keep working on it though.

12 weeks until we find out the gender!! My next appointment is February 4th, but I think I am going to change it to February 7th. The lady I call my doctor on here is actually a midwife. I'm just so used to calling her my doctor. My doctor is actually Anderson, but I have only seen him twice, and he has only done external exams. I have to have another internal exam when I go back, and Juanita isn't there that week. I am not sure what it is, but I am really just not comfortable with a man rooting around down there. That's why I want to change my appointment from Friday of that week to Monday of the next week (I may have already mentioned this, so if I did just ignore it lol).
On a side note.. Grace was walking with her blanket yesterday, and she tripped over it. She didn't hit anything, but I guess she bit her lip because she started screaming, and when I ran over to her I noticed she was bleeding. She busted her lip pretty bad. It bled for about 5 minutes straight. It doesn't seem to be bothering her today. She has been eating and drinking fine, but her lip is purple and sort of swollen. She has never had a booboo that bled before. It made me sad :(


  1. I found out early with all of 3 weeks and some days. It made the pregnancy even longer. Lol. Well you have about 9 more weeks until the gender can be determined. I don't k ow though when your doctor does the gender ultrasound. Yea for symptoms means pregnancy is going smoothly. I craved ice with Ellanoa but greasy foods always made me feel super sick. O and they say that morning sickness or queasyness(sp) is stronger when pregnant with boys. I alway just knew what it was but was afraid I was going to be wrong. When we found out we would go out and buy something for the baby that day.
    I am super excited for you!!!!! I k ow this sounds crazy but I can not wait to get pregnant with our next one...It will be our last and I am ready to have our family all together and to really start our life. It will be complete...idk if that at all makes sense. Lol. I can't wait to see what it is and watch it grow like Grace. I am so excited for you!!!!!!

  2. My doctor doesn't do it until 20 weeks because that is when they do the anatomy scan as well, so they lump them together. I wish I could find out sooner, but I would have to pay for it. We are already going to pay for the 4D one, so we can't affrad another :(
    When we found out Grace was a girl we went straight to Build A Bear and bought her white bear with a pink nose. It's name is "Grace's bear" and it wearing an "It's a girl!" shirt and has a baby blanket lol. I want to do the same for this baby.
    It makes sense... it's weird for me to think that our family will be complete. We don't want more than two if this is a boy. If it's a girl we will try for one more, but I want to wait a few years before we do. We have already decided that I am getting the non-hormonal IUD after this one.
    I am just not cut out for a lot of kids. You are a very brave and patient woman lol. But I think you are perfectly capable. You appear to be a very great mother :)

  3. There are 4ds that are done in sessions and and one of them is gender at about 16 weeks. Then another alike 28 weeks and then one in the 30s all for like a hundred and something. Usually cheaper than the ones we get at the dr office. A lot also give out a Teddy bear with a recording of the mother heart beat. Drew and I decided that we are going to do that with the next one.
    I know what you mean...after kaedyn was born I said no morenuntil after college. Haha. 10 months later Charleigh was here. I got on birth control pills after she was born but they really messed me up. I couldn't see myself with a lot of children. Especially not so young...I mean I am only 21 and have 3's crazy!!!!! But now that o have 3 already it is kinda like bring the last one on...then I'm done. The main reason for the last one is that I want to try and give Drew another little boy and Kaesyn a little brother...don't ask why because honestly I have no idea...but at the same time I am terrified since I have had all c sections and all of them within 2 1/2 years and they recommend to not get pregnant until 2 years after a cessation and I ave already pushed my limit twice.

  4. Really?? Do you know where they do those at? Like maybe a branch name or something? If it's cheaper and I could find out earlier I would love that!

    I didn't know they recommended two years in between each c-section.. Have you ever seen the show 19 Kids and Counting? I think her last 5 were c-sections, and they were all a year apart. You don't seem to be to effected by it, so I think you would be fine. But I'm no doctor lol.

  5. I'll have to look it up. But I know they are located in bigger cities. Yeah I have heard of people who have had more than three c sections and were fine. The dr said that my scar looked great and I know I healed pretty fast this time...I mean I still have some healing to do but it's going good.