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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Doctor's appointment!

Well I went to the doctor today and everything looked great! They said that I am six weeks and three days along, and that my due date is Aug. 27th! My baby is the size of a grain of rice.. so small! It has a heart beat now though.. we could see and hear the tiny little heart beating. It was so precious.
The best part is that they counted this as a "problem" visit.. as if I had missed a period and wanted to find out what was wrong, so that way when I go back next time it will be my first prenatal visit and I will get another ultrasound! I am going to get an extra one with this baby :)
Also, I really loved the way I was treated. When my doctor walked in I half expected that "what were you thinking?" look, but she congratulated us, told us she was excited for us, and complimented us on how we were with Grace.
On the down side they took six viles of blood! I hate having my blood drawn.. the lady that did it this time was a lot better than last time though.
Anyway.. my blood pressure was normal, and they said the baby was doing good, so I am excited!!


  1. That's awesome! I bet it made you feel good that they were nice. :) I sounds like everything is going perfect. I'm so happy for y'all.

  2. AWWW!!!! I miss it already!!!! It is already so cute. I hope you keep updating on baby. I cant wait to see you go through the pregnancy and watch baby get here and grow!!! YAY!!!! Uh...I cant contain my excitement!!!! Seriously I am so excited for you. Wasnt it just as good to see this ultrasound as it was the first time you saw Grace????? It is this really exciting feeling to see baby and that everything is alright.
    Congrats on 6 weeks. I always couldnt wait for the first trimester to be over....I was biting my nails all the way through especially after the bleeding with Ely. But you are half way through...unfortunately you are almost 8 weeks which is when morning sickness hits the hardest. I wish you luck!!!!
    OOOO so EXCITED!!!!