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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I hate starting a new semester..

I always feel so overwhelmed. I really feel like school is going to kick my butt this semester. I have music appreciation as one of my classes, and I have absolutely no musical background. I feel absolutely lost in that class!! Rhythm, tone, remembering the names of composers and the titles of their peices.. It's hard! This class is required for my major, but what the heck for? Where I interned there was a music teacher separate from the normal teacher. It was like a once a week thing, and besides that I am not going to be teaching my preschoolers about Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Reed Pipes. But okay.. what really makes me upset is that my instructor somehow got approval to require us to go to three concerts.. these concerts are outside of our class time. How can she require us to go to something not during class time?? Even high school couldn't do that. Now I have to take my free time and money to go to these dumb concerts. It really makes me mad.
We have our first test on Tuesday, and there is 80+ questions on it!! Just for the study guide I took 6 pages of notes!

And then I have Biology, which I am good at, but there is just so much work! We have 4 tests, 8 labs, 10 quizzes, a research paper, and a speech all in one semester!! The research paper and speech are due Feb. 14th, and we have to have a powerpoint to present with the speech. At first I was totally hating my topic, but the more I read about it, the more comfortable I get with it (genetically modified foods). I know I can do it, but it's going  to be hard. I am not used to having that much work for just one class. It's usually 4 tests and a few quizzes.

I like my English 1102 class. The only complaint I have is that amazon sent me the wrong edition of my text book (9th instead of 10th), and if I send it back I will have no book for two weeks. I would fail because we read from it every class and between every class. The short stories in the book are what the class is based off of. At first the page numbers were just a little off, but as I went to do my reading yesterday I realized that one of the stories I was supposed to read is not in this edition. I am going to have to sparknotes it or something.

And my other class is American Gov. I really love this class! The professor is hilarious and really good at holding my attention! I have no compaints about this class whatsoever.

I don't know.. I guess I'm just really stressing like I did last semester, and I ended up making all A's last semester. I always do this though. I have a major fear of failure. In high school I made all A's, so I feel like if I get a B I didn't try hard enough and a C is failing to me, which at my college a D is failing, not F, so making anything less than a C is not an option, but I really wouldn't even be happy making a B.

I guess it's just all of this happening at once.
We are still looking at houses, and I have a question for you guys.. one of them I found is a double wide trailer, but it is on a private lot (not a trailer park), has a fire place, a front and back porch, it's a 3 br. I have always said that I would never want to live in a trailer, and especially not make my children live in a trailer, but what if it is just as nice as a house, and not in a trailer park? Now I haven't seen it yet.. if it is completely run down it will not be an option, but the way the guy talked about it was like it was really nice. I do know that it is only 5 years old, so it can't be too bad. It's in our price range, so what do you guys think? Would I be horrible moving my family into a trailer? At least my kids would have their own rooms, a yard to play in, no noisy people underneath us, no smoke smell due to the 6 smokers in our building (I promise our apartment smells like we smoke because of them, and I know that is not good for us), and the fact that we now see the occasional roach in our apartment (I have no doubt that this is due to the fact that the people under us do not clean, and I know it's only going to get worse from here). So I feel like the stigma of a trailer is better than the actually harmful things present in our apartment, plus it's got more room.


  1. Omg. I know how you feel. We are 3 weeks in and I am already over my head in biology. I dont have a very good teacher. I am in a class of 150 students and all he does is stand in front of the class, talking over all the immature kids in there who are running their mouth, in a somewhere from Africa accent. So I dont understand or really hear anything he is saying.
    It was hard starting a new semester only 2 weeks post pardum. I am always so tired. My iron level sucks so that is not helping. But I hope you have better luck. Go You for sticking it through especially 1st trimester... just wait for the 3rd.....
    Anyways hopefully your classes will turn out better.
    Now for the trailer thing Drew and I are right there with you when you said you would never put your children in one. I cant do it. Drew and I both lived in trailers as kids and hated it. in the summer they are freaking HOT. You have to run the air hard constantly because trailers are tin boxes and they heat up fast. Walls are paper thin and very easy to bust. I could go on....but I also see where you are coming from. I would definitely want to get away from all that hazardous stuff at the i think it is one of those whatever is best situations.
    O as for the roaches...well since there is nothing really insulating a trailer roaches and other vermin like mice will weasel their way in. We live in the south so there is a lot of field mice but Im not about up there.
    O and this is nothing really to do with much...but I am so afraid of a tornado picking up a trailer....I know it sounds crazy but we have tornadoes down here quite often....

  2. Darn it...I forgot to put no I dont think you are a bad mom for putting your babies in one...especially if it isnt that bad and way better than the apartment. You have to do what you think is best for them and that right there makes you a GREAT mom :)

  3. The house that we are getting ready to move into is a double wide. Brian and I lived in a trailer when I first got pregnant up until I was around 8 months. We moved because I did not want the kids to to in a trailer.

    BUT- The double wide we're moving into is nothing like the trailer we lived in. It has central air, a fireplace, huge ceilings... Double wides are nice, and most of them you can't even tell are actual double wides. Plus, you said it's 5 years old, that's awesome. The one we're buying is 10 years old and it's amazing.

    When I told my dad a few months back it was a double wide he about flipped out and started to tell me how stupid I was and was laughing. When I got done telling him how my house was not only bigger and had more rooms and bathrooms than his actual house, I was the one laughing at him.

    I don't think anyone is going to think you're a bad mom for moving into a double wide and giving your kids a better home.