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Monday, January 17, 2011

I just don't understand some parents..

We went to a birthday party for the little boy downstairs today, and his uncle lives across the hall from him. The uncle and his wife have a five month old baby. The uncle is in his early 20's and his wife is 19, so they are young like a lot of us on here, but that is just no excuse.
If I remember correctly it's 4 months - rice cereal/oatmeal cereal, 6 months - stage 1 baby foods, juice in moderation (unless instructed otherwise by doctor).
So all this baby should be having is formula and cereal. Well they fed a five month old baby a cupcake with icing and ice cream, red Gatoraid, and sweet tea!! This is the baby I've talked about before that at 4 months as left in a high chair, put in a swing made for a 12 month old (Grace's castle gym swing), and left by herself to cry for 15 minutes straight.
Well here we are a month later, and it doesn't appear that anything is improving. I feel for this baby. At five months old she can't sit up, which may not be behind (it's beind Grace, but Grace has always been ahead.. not bragging, just true), but since she can't sit up she shouldn't be left unsupported right? Well they put her in a walker and left her there. She was bobbing all around trying her hardest to keep herself up straight. It was pitiful.
Another thing about the party.. Grace was playing with some of the older kids there.. one of the boys was around seven, and I swear he was showing Grace his privates.. Grace was sitting on the floor across the room facing me, and he was in front of her with his back to me. I could tell he was messing with his pants, and went I walked over there he was holding them down.. it looked like he was putting it back in. I was so disgusted. I am so thankful that she doesn't understand that yet, but I know one thing.. Grace will NEVER go around him again. I am not taking any chances of anything like that happening to her. He's seven.. if he was showing her that, he knew what he was doing.. And with the type of family he comes from I wouldn't doubt that he had intentions behind it. Not to mention everyone was smoking the whole time. I hated being there and left after 30 minutes saying I had to go to the store.

Also, my little girl is officially a toddler now. I went to the mall with my friend Morgan and her son Christian the other day, and we took them to the play place they have. It's closed off with only one way in and out, so it's safe from any potential predators, but it's very small, and even though bigger kids aren't supposed to be in there, they are. I always follow Grace around in there, but this time I didn't. I let her go by herself. I was terrified the whole time that she was going to get trampled or picked on (she was one of the smallest there), but she held her ground. She played and seemed to really be having fun. She even climbed up and went down the slide by herself two times! Such a big girl now!! It makes me sad to see her growing so fast though. I don't have my little baby girl anymore :(


  1. It is sad, isn't it? To see them turn into toddlers. In my eyes, Samantha is turning into a kid. I am not sure what age they aren't toddlers anymore, but Samantha acts like a real person the way she talks and expresses her feelings. It makes me sad.

  2. Ugh...people can be so aggravating. It is people like that that give young parents anbad name and then we all pay for it. Yea for Grace!!!! They sure do grow up fast. Like Brittany said...keadyn is turning into a kid and Charleiigh actslike she is 18 independent. Lol.