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Friday, January 21, 2011

Our plans..

So we have made a decision about our car ordeal. We decided to sale Chris' car, and use the money from it to have mine fixed. It will save us $100 a month in car insuance by not having is car on there (he has several tickets), which brings me to my next point.. Chris is prone to tickets. From the simplest things like a tag light out, to speeding. We don't need that extra expense on our hands, and we will be fine with just one car. We have someone coming to look at his car tomorrow.. hopefully he'll buy it. We're selling it for $1300.
We got my tires fixed today with my Pell grant.. $422! I hated spending that much, but we need a reliable car. Tomorrow we have to get my alingment fixed, which can be anywhere from $75-$200 depending on whats is causing the alignment problem. I think this is best though.

I am not sure if I have talked about my plans for school or not on here, but we have made a definite plan. I am going to go full time during the summer (4 classes), and I will finish those classes a month before the baby gets here. Then I am going to take the fall semester off because I would fail from missing so much if I even tried to take fall classes. Then I will go back in Spring of 2012. The baby will be just a little over 4 months old. We will already know our routine, so the transition back to school will be easier. Plus it will be easier on Chris because the baby won't be a newborn. I think it will be easier for him to watch both of them that way.

We have come up with some other plans as well. We want to have a lot of outings with Grace before the new baby comes. We want to take her to the Aquarium, the Creative Discovery Museum, Coolidge Park, an some other places. We don't want to spoil her with toys or clothes or anything.. just spend as much time with her as our only child before she no longer is our only child.
Also, the day that we find out what the baby is we want to go to Build-A-Bear and make it a bear. We did the same thing when we found out that Grace was a girl. Only this time we want Grace to help us make the bear, ad we want to get Grace a new outfit for her bear. It is still dressed in baby clothes, but she is not a baby anymore, she is a big girl. Then after that we are going to go to the Carter's Outlet and get some clothes for the new baby, but I also want to get a shirt for Grace that says "I'm the big sister." Or something along those lines. She can wear it at the baby shower, and at the hospital when the baby is born.
I also just discovered that they make Sperry's for babies and toddlers. I love Sperry's (have my own pair), so I want to get both the new baby and Grace a pair. I am probably going to get a bigger size for the new baby so it can actually walk in them, but I still think it will be adorable.
I want to include Grace in as much as possible about the baby. We want to get her a big sister book too. I am thinking of getting that as her Valentine's Day present. She loves books, and I think it will be a great way to introduce the concept to her.
Any other ideas you guys have? Things you did or wish you did with your first before the new baby came?


  1. When I was pregnant with Kayelynn I made sure to include Seth and Paige in everything we did. We let them help pick out the her things and every time we bought something for the baby we would get all excited when we showed them so that they would be excited too. I didn't want them to feel like we were ignoring them while preparing for the new baby so I think it was super important to let them feel involved.

    I think all your ideas sound super cute!!

  2. it does suck having to spend money on a car like that...believe me we are about to spend God knows how much on getting our dvd player fixed(not sure what happened to it) also we need to get the gas petal looked at because it is starting to stick at times.
    Taking a semesteroff is a good idea...omg I can tell you from experience that it is super hard to go back to school right after you have a baby..i was only 2 almost 3 weeks when we started back up after Ellanoa. talking about exhausting...pain from just giving birth plus the lack of sleep from having a newborn and the whole just tired from healing about killed me. here i am 4 weeks pp and it is still killing me. Drew said if i have another that i should just take a semester off that way i have time to heal and recuperate and have time with the baby. i really sucks to leave your babies but it is even harder when they are newborns..idk how to explain it but there is like this really strong connection still. i mean there is still a connection with the others but...idk if i am explaining this well..but you are still getting use to the idea of them not being in you after having them with you for 9 months straight. you also feel guilty because a newborn NEEDS their is great but a newborn is use to mommy..knows mommys heart beat her touch her voice. momma is the most familiar thing to them in this new world and when you leave them you fell like you just betrayed them.
    yeah that is what we did was spend as much time doing stuff with them before Ely got here. we did the same before Charleigh got here with Kaedyn. we also had hospital shirts unfortuately i didnt get to see the babies in theirs because i was knocked out from the surgery :(
    the sperrys are super cute. I have a them...Kaedyn has had 3 pairs...a blue pair, a green pair, and a brown pair. He wore the brown ones to our graduation along woth a pair of khakis and a pink and blue button up shirt. her was sooo cute. I need to get them and drew another pair.
    but yea including her in everything baby is a great idea. she will get use to the first she may not understand but just think of how fast a child her age develops in 9 months...she will understand in no time...well to an extent..she wont exactly get the whole process but you know what i mean.haha. she is going to be a great big sister. I cant wait to find out what you are having...i really want to get it something i hate calling him/her it.

  3. Yea I really want to include her in everything. She was in the room for the first ultrasound. I want her in there for all of them. I can't wait until it can kick her hand.
    Speaking of "it" I hate saying that too. W always called Grace peanut because that's how big she was for my first ultrasound, but this one was rice.. that's just not as cute lol. I find myself calling it "him" a lot. I never did that with Grace. I think we are both going to be blown away if it's a girl.

    I know what you mean about not having the baby inside of you too. I hated having to go back to school after I had Grace.. she had always been with me when I went. I could protect her and monitor her at all times. I hated not being able to do that anymore.

    That sucks that there is stuff wrong with your car already! We have to get my air conditioner fixed too, but I'm going to wait until it gets warm, since we don't need it now. No since in getting it fixed when we don't need it only to have it possibly go out again..