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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My secret is out..

Well Chris told my dad today. He took him to lunch to tell him. He actually took it a lot better than I thought. After they ate he wanted to come talk to me.. He basically tol me he wasn't thrilled with the news, but that he would support us through this. I am glad to have my dad.. I didn't have him when I was pregnant with Grace, and in the months since Grace was born our relationship has grown. I was afraid this would send us back to square one, but I am glad to know it doesn't. I am also glad to know that I no longer have to keep this secret. A lot of stress has now been taken off of me.
I'm still nervous to post it on my facebook.. I don't want the negative reactions, but I guess they will come sooner or later.

Aside from that.. I went to my friend's baby shower today. It really got me excited about the new baby. I want to know what it is sooooo bad!!! :p She is having a little boy and she was getting some really cute stuff. Brittany and Sami were there too. It was so cute because Sami and Grace can actually play together now. They were so precious following each other around.. they even gave each other a kiss once. And Sami is just too precious Brittany! She really has a way with words. I can't believe it had been so long since we got together. Can't wait for Friday :)


  1. I know how you feel. When we got pregnant with Ellanoa we waited a little bit to tell our parents and of course they were not thrilled.
    Isnt it cool how you are just as excited as you were the first time. I didnt think i could be after i had Kaedyn but when I found out i was pregnant with Charleigh I was just as excited..same with Ely.

    You know what is missing in that picture(not trying to sound stuck up or anything)...Kaedyn and Charleigh!! They would love to play with them. i just know it. Charleigh would love Grace and Kaedyn would love Smai...she could be his little girlfriend they are a perfect match. LOL.

  2. How do you think they will take it if you have another one? Are they the type that resent you forever, or do they put their differences aside when each baby is born?

    YES! They are missing! We were actually talking about wishing we could actually meet you guys today. They would all be so cute playing together! Gah.. why do we have to live so far away from each other? At least we are within distance of possibly meeting each other someday lol. Maybe we can all meet in the middle (like Atlanta) one day..

  3. They love to tell us how stupid we are if we go to have another one. After Kaedyn they said it and after Charleigh they said it and are saying it now. Before we got pregnant with Kaedyn they were saying that we need to watch out about getting pregnant becuase it wouldnt be a good idea. I think in a way they resent us...there is a lot to point to somehow we never do stuff right...or my dad likes to say Jess always does stuff a** backwards and then they like to bring up how my little almost 18 year old sister isnt pregnat and how my 25 year old sister didnt have a baby at this age. BLAH BALH BLAH but they love the babies regardless. Kaedyn loves his gammy and charleigh is a poppy's girl.
    As for Drews dad...welll the same thing...he loves them..though he doesnt give them half the attention that my parents give them...but his family down here likes to remind us of what Drew could have down with his life. And his dad always says dont you know what causes that...ugh so annoying.

    Thats so cool. I talk about you guys all the time...but i never thought that i would be a tpic of conversation. lol. I do want to meet. the babies would love to have friends and I would love for them to be around children that are well behaved and not bad influences and to be around moms like me who dont go out and party and who put their babies first.

  4. Thank You! She really Love to talk, like me! lol. I can't wait for Friday either.

    Ha Ha. Ya. I remember. We were talking about that. And when I saw that picture and all the space between Grace and Samantha, I was like, "Oh my gosh, I wish Kaedyn and Carleigh could have been there." lol.

  5. I wish or parents would just trust that we know what we are doing. We are capable of so much more than they think we are..

    The would all be so cute playing together. I talk about you guys all the time too. Like I have been keeping Chris updated about Ely's RSV. I showed him the picture of her foot, and he said you should sue lol.

  6. Ha Ha. Ya. I told Jessie too. I was like, "That hospital is terrible!" He asked how she was doing now and everything. lol. It's so funny. I used to say, "This girl, Jessika, I follow her blog..." Now all I have to do is say your name and he knows.

  7. I know. Drew and I have been through all kinds of ups and downs and have made it through all of them. We have learned as we went. That is how life is. I find myself being more experienced and mature than people 10 years older than me. I k ow what I can and can't handle or do. I don't know why they put us down at mom had always said that God nevers gives you something you cant handle...then why won't she listen to her own words..I got this :) it's not easy but I got it.

    Ely is doing better. And yea Drewsaid we should sue too....haha. But yea I wish they could get the chance to play. That would be so awesome. And I wish drew could meet ya'lls guys. He needs some friends his age. He always says how he has never meet another young dad that stuck around. That's sad.

    Omg yea Drew automatically knows who I am talking about. He always ask anything new with the girls??? He'll ask about how your pregnancy is going and he will ask how sami and grace are doing.he thinks it is so cool how they are so much like kaedyn and charleigh. He also helps with the blog. He post most of the pics for me.