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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I just can't help myself..

I get myself so excited about the thought of having a boy.. it is all new to me. Everything seems so different then with a girl. The clothes are so cute in their own way. Chris and I also picked out what his room will look like. Chris loves working on cars, and since I pretty much just took over in how I wanted Grace's room to look I figured I would let him have some say here..

This is what we have come up with..

This bedding set is only $65 and it comes with ten pieces!! It comes with the bumper, the dust ruffle, the diaper stacker, a comforter, a crib sheet, two window valences, the mobile, a decorative pillow, and a matching birth certficate holder. And it is just too precious! Exactly what we were looking for and a great price! Grace's set was $85 and it only came with the comforter, dust ruffle, sheet, and bumper.

This is the bouncer we want.. I know it's not cars, but I couldn't find one with cars. It is just like the one Grace had, but for a boy, and Grace loved hers, so we figure we'll go with this one.

This would be his baby book. I love it!

And then this. I know he would be no where near ready for it when he is born, but it matches the room so well. Chris always wanted to get the pink one for Grace and we never got to, so I am determined that he has it for his little boy.

I also found some burp cloths, bibs, hats, and outfits with cars on them. I am really getting excited. But watch, this one will be a girl just because I am so prepared :p If it is a girl I know exactly what to go for though, so it won't be a big deal.

I am ten weeks today!! 1/4 of the way there. We have a definite name for a boy. Christopher Brentley, and we would call him Brentley. I named my baby-think-it-over Brentley back in 10th grade. I love that name.. I came up with it on my own. I used to babysit a boy named Brent and my cousin was dating a guy named Brantley, so I put them together to get Brentley.. just recently found out it was already a name before I came up with it :p
And then obviously Christopher is after Chris. Plus it takes care of his name having a Christian meaning. I really love this name. And to think we couldn't come up with a boy name when I was pregnant with Grace. Now we can't come up with a girl name.. that is one of the reasons why I feel like it is a boy this time.


  1. Sounds good. That is very cute stuff. I LOVE the big car. It would be different to have a boy, but then you could experience both worlds.

  2. I Love the boy stuff...o i hope I have another boy...I look at blue stuff again all the time...I LOVE dressing boys they have such cute clothes that look grown is hard to find little girls clothes that look mature but not to mature.
    Anyway I LOVE the name....I ask Drew when I was pregnant with Kaedyn if he wanted to name him Christopher(Drews first name) and just go but a middle name like he does. He said NO that he didnt want a jr plus he hates his first name...Its his christian name. his family always just called him Drew. But anyways I came up with Kaedyn when I was in the 10th grade...and bam had my name for a boy and then once I told everyone that name and had him all of a sudden there where Kaedyn's but spelt caden or cayden everywhere. :( But the name Brentley is adorable but manly.HAHA. I am jealous I didnt think of it. ugh can twait to get the fourth one going(I want it all done and over soon so we can have our family complete and we can all start focusing on the bigger picture together) I am hoping for a boy to even the score but really comes down to a healthy baby. I will love it the same boy or girl but Drew and I can only settle on a boys name(Rockit Kamdyn Knyte or Rockit Dodge Dash) so maybe...not even pregnant and this is all i think about...
    I am so excite to find out what you are having. I was talking to Drew about it yesterday...I was like she is 10 weeks today so that is only like 10 weeks from now.

  3. cayle had the red version of that walker. its so cute.!

  4. @Brittany.. we love that car too!

    @Jessika.. believe it or not Camden (spelled normally though) is one of the names we thought of for this baby. And I used to love the name Caden. It just got too common for me, but you guys took care of that with the spelling lol.

    @Erica.. did Cayle like his?

  5. Lol. That's funny. Kaedyn wasn't common when I named him or I wouldn't have named him that. But yeah the spelling covers it. Lol.