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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby names..

We have a boy name picked out already, but I was browsing girl names today.. We used our girl name for Grace, so we need to find another.

Here are the names Chris and I like:

Celeste (I think this is my fav).



Elliana (This was almost Grace's first name).

Sienna (This is Chris' fav).


So as you can see, we are having a little bit of confusion.. let me know what you guys think.
P.S. We were going to name it Kennedy if it was a girl until I looked up the meaning.. "ugly head".. seriously?? I cannot believe anyone would name their child that! I am big about name meanings. I want all of my children to have a Christian name (like Grace). Mine and Chris' names both have a Christian meaning. I think that is why I like Celeste.. it means heavenly.
Also, we need help on something else. The alignment in my car is wayyy off, the tires are going bad, and the air conditioner doesn't work. Then Chris' car doesn't have an air conditioner either, and has an oil leak and a radiator leak. We looked it up on Kelly Blue Book and if we sold both of our cars it would give us about $3400. We cannot have a new born in the summer and not have air conditioner! So we are thinking of selling our cars, putting the money together and getting one newer car with no problems and air conditioner. I know $3400 won't get us far, but I will be getting my Pell grant soon for almost $3000, and we will be getting our tax returns as well, so we could put some with it if we needed. What do you guys think??


  1. I like the name Kennedy but yea not such a pretty meaning. Kaedyn meant exciting. Charleigh really doesnt have a meaning and Ellanoa isnt listed. I really like all of those names. I really like Elliana but that could be because it sounds like Ellanoa and Chaarleighs middle names-Alyanna Anavae together. HAHA!!! O and Ellanoa's middle name Knevaeh is usually spelled Nevaeh which is Heaven backwards. I once met a little girl whose name was Heaven-Leigh Mary.
    When we got the pt we used our income taxes and then this time with the pacifica we traded the pt in and used what we got for it as a down payments for 3 months leaving febuary when we have to make a payment but we will have taxes by then and will pay another year ahead so we arent worrying about making payments. We will also pay insurance for a year so we wont have to worry about that. When you go to a dealer be careful because they really like to cheat young people. Try not to go to a buy here pay here unless you know that they do good business. Shop around. It is always a good idea. And try to buy a certified pre owned vehicle or you might end up with a vehicle that was temporarily fixed for sale and then ends up messing up on you a few weeks later. You can always request a free car fax and to have it looked at by a mechanic that you trust before purchase.