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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun idea!!

So, I am off school again today due to the snow. I just cannot keep myself from looking at baby stuff during Grace's naps lol..

I found the neatest little idea.. it never would have worked with Grace because I wasn't getting along with Chris' mom at all, but this year we can do it!
When we find out what daywe are going to find out the gender of our baby we are going to call my mom, Chris' mom, and my dad (if all goes well when he finds out) and plan to go to dinner that night somewhere. Then when we find out I am going to go home and bake cupcakes, died blue for boy or pink for girl. I'm going to top them with white icing and sprinkle blue and pink sprinkles on them. Then when everyone gets together for dinner they all take a bite at the same time to find out what gender the baby is!!

Last time we my mom was there with us when we found out, and we gave Chris' mom a card saying "It's a girl!" This time I really hope we can get everyone together to do this. I think it will be so cute and fun for everyone.. Plus a good bonding experiece.. especially for my dad if he comes. Chris is planning on telling him next week.. I am dreading that because I know that there is going to be a major lecture immediately following. I'll keep you guys updated on that.

Teen Mom 2 tonight!! I'm excited. What do you guys think of these girls? I'm interested in all of their stories except Kail's really. I would have rather seen Lizzie in her place, but I can't wait to see Jenelle, Leah, and Chelsea (the only reason I want to see Jenelle is to see her finally realize that she is a horrible mom).


  1. That is a cure idea :) Did you think of it or find it online? I really want to hear Leah's story to see what happens with her daughter's legs. Poor Baby.

  2. I cant wait to see Leah. Unfortunately I will be in the hospital watching it. More on that later. I was like that 2.I couldn't help myself with the baby stuff.
    I have a friend who did the cupcake thing. It was cute. With charleigh we had it re order and then played it for the family and let them guess before its a girl came up on the screen.

  3. I saw it online, but it was blue or pink icing inside. I am not a fan of icing at all right now (never really have been, but I can't stand it now that I'm pregnant.. too sweet), so I decided to dye the cake itself.
    I want everyone to guess before hand.. like write their guess on a piece of paper or something, then we'll see who gets it right.

    I'm excited about Leah the most I think. I really liked Chelsea's episode, but I am disappointed to see that she is back with Adam after the way he treated her and the baby. We'll see how that plays out.

  4. Also, Jessika I hope everything is okay!! You've got me worried.

  5. Oh, Jessika. I really like your idea about the video! That is pretty cool. My MIL is one of those people who thinks she is an ultrasound expert. (Apparently she can tell what it is before the doctors. lol) So that would have been fun to do to her! lol.