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Monday, January 10, 2011

Another snow day!!

Something is definitely different around here this year.. the most snow we get around here is usually one to two inches (if even that manages to stick). We already had a white Christmas, and now we are snowed in again! Everything around here is closed, and I didn't have to go to school today. It even snowed enough to make the power go out.. for ten minutes lol. We never have enough snow to make the power go out though.
We got something like 9 inches! And it's been snowing on and off all day long.

When Grace woke up this morning I showed her the snow and she wanted to go out soooo bad! We all had to get bundled up though.. Grace had on her regular pjs, then I put footie pjs over that, then her coat over that. Plus shoes, gloves, and a hat. It took like 15 minutes to get her dressed lol.
Once we got out there I put her down and she just sort of sunk in the snow lol. She wouldn't move because of how deep it was. I had to hold her hand to get her to walk. We made a snowman on Christmas, so we didn't make one today. Instead Grace and I made snowangles and threw snowballs at Daddy. Grace was so funny because I would hand her a snowball and say "throw it at Daddy." She would turn towards him and "throw" it, and it would land at her feet. Then she would clap and say "yay!" Lol.

This is Gracejust standing there because she refused to move without help ;p

This shows how much snow we got (all piled on top of my car).

Grace and me walkig down the hill.

My snow angel even thouh you can't really see it.

Grace's snow angel.. can't really see it either.

Ollie's paw print.

Grace and Chris walking back up the hill (Chris got snow on the camera lense so it made it all blurry).


  1. Ha Ha. How cute! My post will have to wait until tomorrow. We just back inside. It's almost ten. Been out there off an on all day. lol

  2. Fun!!!!!it will probably never snow like that down here. Bit that's ok. I hate the cold.