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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Did I mention how much I love consignment sales??

My mom and I took the kids to Kendall's Kloset consignment sale today. Let me start of by saying, I love that sale, and have gone every year since it started, but their new location is awful. It was in the back of an abandoned building that was falling apart, so it was hard to find and dirty. So, not the best choice on their part, but hey, they still had good stuff at good prices.

I got:
  • A pair of pants for Grace
  • A dress for Grace
  • A sweater for Grace
  • A gallon size bag stuffed full of panties for Grace
  • A pair of pants for me
  • Two pairs of pants for Brentley
  • A pair of swim trunks for Brentley (that will fit him next year)
  • A Magna-doodle for Grace
  • A piggy bank for Brentley
  • A Jumperoo for Brentley
  • A sling for me to put Brentley in
All for $63!!!!
I wouldn't have been able to buy the Jumperoo alone for $63 if it was new. Also, I've mentioned before that I won't buy anything used unless it looks brand new. All of this stuff does! The Jumperoo looks like it's never been used. All the lights, toys, and music work on it.. It was only $25! New it would have been $70. Also, the piggy bank is brand new.. still in the box.. $4!! The cheapest I had seen new was $13. That takes care of two of Brentley's Christmas presents I was planning on getting him, and I saved $54!!! I am so happy about that!

And the Magna-doodle I got Grace was only $1 and it works perfectly. The gallon sized bag of panties must have at least 20 pair in them. All of them look perfectly new, and they are her size.. $3! And the last great deal I got was the blue sling. I have been wanting a sling sooo bad, but they are so expensive. Even used I could only find them for like $20. Well, this one was $8! The clothes I got were not super great deals or anything. They were all reasonably priced though.

The only bad thing is, I went with the intention of spending no more than $40. But since I got that stuff for Brentley for Christmas I can actually take $30 out of the Christmas fund IF we need to. I'm not going to unless we really need it.

Plus, I got things we really needed. Like the pair of pants I got was $6 and they fit me perfectly. Usually the only place I can find pants that fit me right because of my height is American Eagle, which $40 a pair is not practical when you have two kids. And I am in desparate need of pants ever since I've had Brentley, which btw.. I'm 148lbs now!! I made it under 150lbs! I'm rambling now lol.

Anyway, Brentley also really likes the sling, and so do I. We went to eat when we left, so I put him in it. I can easily feed him in it, which is great because I don't have to kill my back holding him the whole time. And he liked it so much that he fell asleep in it, and slept until we left!

I would consider this a very successful trip!


  1. Sounds like you got some good deals. I didn't go because last time I went was such a waste. Plus, they didn't even send out flyers this year. At least my Mom and I didn't get one. I didn't even see signs.

    I Love consignments! Are there any more coming to town soon that you know of?

  2. I got a flyer, but I got it right before it started.. like literally two days before. What good is that you know? They had a couple of signs, but the location is crap. They shouldn't have changed.

    JBF is Oct. 23rd - Oct. 29th.
    One called Duck-Duck-Goose is Oct. 20th - 24th. Never heard of or been to it though..
    That's all I see for now.
    This is the website I have saved. They always have an updated list of them.

  3. that is awesome! when i was pregnant with the boys i went to one here called twice is nice and got a buttload of clothes and a bassinet and all sorts of stuff.
    i went again last year with my friend steph and got clothes and stuff for her baby the only thing is that sale moved to all the way across town which sucks majorly.

  4. Aww that does suck. We have at least 5 around here every year. I usually only go to two of them though. The other ones aren't that good.

  5. Oh yes. Thank! I forgot about Duck Duck GOose. I want to try it. I don't do JBF though. :/

    Ha Ya. I wonder how they got consignors. Yah. An old carpetmill doesn't seem like the place to have a sale. Did they say why they moved?

  6. No, it was some Tonya. I don't really care for her, so I didn't ask. Lol.

  7. Idky that says some. It was just supposed to say "it was Tonya."