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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grace's birthday party!

Unfortunately my camera didn't have much room on it, so I used my mom's camera and won't be getting the pictures until Monday, so look forward to that post. I'll go ahead and tell you guys about it though.

It went pretty well. She had several little friends there... Cayle, Sami, Christian, Cheyenne, Mark, and Mason, and of course Brentley ;)
We also had my mom, sister, dad, brother, aunt, nana, and one of my cousins (who is pregnant), two of Chris' aunts, five of his cousins, two of my friends who don't have kids, and Brittany, Erica, and Morgan (all three are fellow bloggers lol). And of course Chris and me. Pretty good turn out.

Grace had a blast at first. She was running around playing with the kids. Then everyone got their ice cream. After that we did Grace's cake. We didn't sing Happy brithday because my brother was there, and I know from experience that whenever a whole group is singing at once it really hurts his ears because of his autism. So instead, we just lit the candle and let her blow it out. My mom kept missing the picture opportunity though, so we lit the candle like 7 times for her to blow it out lol. Then Grace started getting tired. She opened two presents by herself. Then I tried to help her. Well, the next present we opened had a coloring book and crayons in it, so she decided that was all the present opening she was going to do. She sat and colored while I opened her presents lol. And the last present Christian and Cayle opened for her :p
She got a lot of stuff... an Elmo that talks about shapes, an Elmo sit and spin, a Magna-doodle, some clothes, an Elmo DVD, a Sesame Street book, an Elmo coloring book with crayons, a set of blocks, a princess doll, 3 pairs of socks, a stuffed dog, a sock monkey, a Leapfrog Text and Learn, a Cabbage Patch doll, a Disney Princess pillow and blanket, an interactive book, and a little plastic flute and microphone.
That's not including the stuff we are going to give her on her actual birthday (a Baby Alive doll, an Elmo that blows kisses, a Barney CD, and a pair of boots).

I would say it was a pretty successful party. I really liked the ice cream theme, and the decorations came out really cute. The cake was cute as well.
After her party we took her to a fall festival down the street from our house. They had a trunk-or-treat, and free games and food.

These are the only pictures I have for now...

Eating her ice ream at her party.

From the fall festival.

Also, found out today that everything is not cool with my classes, but that is another post for another day. All I have to say for now is that my college is great until it comes to registration. They NEVER get my classes or my financial aid right :(


  1. Grace's party was a BLAST. You're such a good party planner.! This fall festival looks like fun. I wish we went to this instead. We drove to that Halloween thing by my house..and when we got there it looked super crappy so we decided not to go. Maybe next year.? Or we can get together for a parade or something. I hope Grace has fun on her actual birthday.! I can't wait to see you at Cayle's party.

  2. I had fun at her party. I hope she liked her gift. I am telling you, that ice cream thing was genius. lol.

    Fellow Bloggers? You are hillarious.

    Fall Festival looks like fun. We are taking Samantha to one tonight in Ringgold because Jessie is off work so he can go with us. I can't wait for Halloween.