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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our trip to the pumpkin patch-- so much fun! (Warning: longgggg post with LOTS of pictures).

Today my mom and I took the kids to a small pumpkin patch/fall festival that a local daycare was hosting. I didn't expect it to be as much fun as it was. I dressed the babies up in halloween themed outfits, and Cheyenne was wearing a halloween themed shirt as well.

First, they explored the pumpkins.

For whatever reason, Grace was scared of the pumpkins and would not walk around in them after the first minute, even with me with her, so that didn't last long.

So next, we went to check out the smaller pumpkins. She liked that much better. As you can tell...

I love this picture! 

They are best friends :)

We then took a minute to have them pose on the hay. That didn't go over so well. The sun was behind us, so they didn't want to look at us to get their picture taken lol.

Next, we decided to attempt letting Grace get her face painted. I didn't figure that would go over very well, but my little girl amazed me! She sat perfectly still, and let the lady paint a pumpkin on her face.

Then, it was time to paint the pumpkins they picked out :)

Grace did great! She sat and painted all by herself. Funny thing though, when she first grabbed the paint brush she put it straight to her face lol. You can see the purple dot she added under her pumpkin. She thought since the lady did it that was what she was supposed to do, but I showed her that she was supposed to paint her pumpkin, and she did fine after that. Cheyenne had a completely pink pumpkin. She is all girl lol. Grace didn't know not to mix the colors, so her pumpkin turned out mostly gray lol. But I still love it!

After that, we decided to take a break and get something to eat. Of course the girls were so excited that they barely ate anything. They played tag while we were eating lol.

Then, we went to the hayride. My mom stayed behind with the stroller while the rest of us went.

(Grace was finishing her food lol.)

(She messed up the pumpkin on her face. It looks more like a blob here lol.)

Half way through the hayride we stopped a cabin and went in. I definitely wasn't expecting what we saw when we did...

Someone likes to hunt lol.

And of course, I had to get a couple of pictures of Brentley in his adorable outfit!

And what's the best way to give a person a heart attack??...

I about fainted when we saw this on the way back to my mom's house. This is the gas station that I normally stop at near my mom's house and was planning on stopping at until I saw that. I thought something crazy had happened to the price of gas while we were at the pumpkin patch lol. It's normally around $3.30 a gallon around here right now. We figured it out when we drove by though. This gas station was one of the ones that was destroyed back in the April tornado. They had re-opened it, but it was running out of a small trailer. Well, they closed it again because they are working on the building now. I guess they thought it was funny to put that on their sign or something. Luckly, gas is still around $3.30 a gallon lol.


  1. Sounds like a really fun day.!! Where was this.? Both of the babies look adorable of course.! And your little sister.! That cabin is a little to...animal filled for me. I would've fainted if I saw that sign.

  2. It was in Ringgold near where my mom lives.
    And yeah, the cabin was definitely filled with animals. Or at least what used to be animals lol. The kids loved it though. I think the zebra rug is pretty cool, but wouldn't want it in my house lol.
    And I told my mom I would be walking home if that really was the price of gas :p

  3. Looks like you all had a great time!

    Adorable pics!

  4. I Love all the pics and the babies outfits are adorable!!!
    I would have fainted seeing all those animals(the big animal lover I am). My kids would have screamed. Their great uncleJosh's house is like that and they don't really care for it.
    Omg!!! Before I read that that was not the actual price my heart skipped a beat! Whoo...that was close. I was thinking that if that is what it was up there than it would be like that down here.

  5. Just a girl, thank you! (Sorry I don't know what your actual name is).

    Jessika, Chris and I were actually just talking about hunting yesterday. I'm not much for taking care of animals myself. I hate killing them though. I felt back for killing an ant yesterday even though I was putting him out of his misery because he was stuck in water. And I feel bad when I kill spiders, flies, wasps, ect. I could NEVER go hunting. I would cry if someone killed something. Heck, I cried once because my dad accidentally hit a baby bunny when we were in his car. It still breaks my heart when I think about that :(

    And yea... the conversation went like this...
    Me: Does that say $5.67??
    Mom: Surely not.
    Me: It does! That has got to be a joke or something!
    Mom: Don't go there. Go down to the next gas station and see what the price is there.
    Me: If it's the same price there we will be walking home.


  6. Looks like fun! Was it the Kid Station one? We went there when Samantha was really little. My Mom went there today. Did you see her?

    I Love the little bitty pumpkins! Too cute! And the pics of Grace and Cheyenne! Reminds me of Samantha and Brennon. So Sweet!

    I saw the gas thing too! Oh my gosh, I about jumped out of my seat! Then I remembered earlier that day it was closed down for construction and the gas station right down the street still said $3.30. But it scared me. I was like, "We aren't even going to be able to get Jessie to work and back!" lol.

  7. Yep, it was the Kid Station one. I didn't see your mom, but we didn't get there until like 2, so she could have been there before us, or I may have just missed her.