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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is she really talking about Christmas again??

I'm sure that's what  you are all thinking, but I just can't help it lol. I'm too excited. So pretty much Grace's Christmas list got wiped clean and I am starting over because I just discovered the Tag Junior by Leapfrog. I don't know if you guys have heard of it or not, but it helps kids learn how to read. You put the little Tag over the page and it reads out whatever you have him over. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it very well, but it is very cool, and I found a pretty good deal!

The carrying case, three Sesame Street books (which is right up Grace's alley), and the Tag Junior (the little dog looking thing) for 75! Yes, I know it says a $77 dollar value lol. The sale was only $7 off, and then adding tax made it $75. However, orders over $60 get free shipping, so I'm going to get free shipping. I'm going to wrap this into three presents -- the Tag Junior in one, the case in one, and the books in another. 

She is still going to be getting the cleaning set like I have talked about before, and she is still going to be getting the Kinect game.

And the last thing I found that I want to get her is...

She is going to have a very Sesame Street Christmas!! Lol.

I'm ordering the Tag Junior set on Monday. And we are going to order the other stuff pretty soon too. I'm hoping I can find the cleaning set in stores because it's $5 to have it shipped and I would rather not pay that lol.
She also has the Barney books that I already bought her, and the pillow and pillow case that I made her, so that gives her a good bit of presents, plus whatever we get for her stocking.

As for Brentley, we have most of his Christmas shopping done already.
We got the Jumperoo, monogrammed blanket, and piggy bank, plus the pillow and pillow case that I made for him, and whatever he gets in his stocking. All we have to get now are the cups I want to get him and the children's Bible. I think that is plenty for a baby who will only be 4 months old.

Also, I know several of you have children around Grace's age. If any of you are interested in the Tag Junior, they have a pretty good sales going on right now on several bundles. Just check out and search the Tag Junior. Also, has it where you can get the Tag Junior plus one book for $32, but you have to pay shipping.

And, the wedding planning is underway...

These are the rings we are going to get. I have been in love with these rings since I first learned about them when I was about 12 years old. I love the meaning behind them! And Chris actually likes that ring, so I knew those were the ones. Sorry the pictures are so blurry. It would only let me save the little pictures, so it makes them blurry when they are bigger.

And I am hoping to get a cake somewhat like this...
However, we would only need two tiers, and I want a white cake, not a blue one.

We talked to my dad, and he actually took it pretty well. He was thankful that we gave him a heads up, and even offered to help us pay for some of it. My mom offered to help us pay for some as well. Neither of them are rich by any means, but that does raise our budget a little bit, so I really want that cake lol.


  1. I'm so happy to be the maid of honor (if you decide to have those that is).! And your hair stylist.! This looks like the babies are in store for a merry christmas.!

  2. As long as Chris finds a best man we will have them. I just don't want to have a maid of honor and bridesmaids if he's standing up there with no one. Know what I mean? He wants his dad to be his best man, but he's not even going to ask him. We talked about it today. He said his dad would say yes, and then never show, and I believe that. He's never met any of his grandkids. He promised to come to the hospital when Grace was born, yet he still has met her :( Breaks my heart for Chris.

  3. HAHA!! I dont mind the Christmas post. I love yalls enthusiasm!! You have some really good ideas for xmas presents. I have seen that leag frog. We wanted to get it for Kaedyn last year. She will LOVE it:)

    I am so excited for you guys to get married!!! That is awesome! I really like those rings too!! And that cake is really pretty.

  4. I LOVE Christmas posts! It is getting about that time of year again!

    Good wedding ideas so far. What is the meaning behind the rings?

  5. Jessika, I hope she likes it. I think it is the perfect present for her. And thank you!

    Brittany, the heart signifies love, the hands signifies friendship, and the crown signifies loyalty. And when it is worn with the bottom of the heart facing you it means that you belong to someone.