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Friday, October 28, 2011


I got my classes straightened out. I made myself get up early this morning and called the lady in the financial aid department who helped me last time. She told me that if I came down there I could fill out an add form and she would push it through.
So I get myself and Brentley ready and we head to the school. It was freezing and raining this morning. It's only 49 degrees out right now at 4:30pm. But anyway, we drove all the way to Dalton just so I could sign a paper. She pushed the paper, but it was too late for one of the classes. I have been wait listed for it. However, I am the first person on the wait list (yes, I literally missed the class by one spot). This is promising because someone always drops. Always. I have never had a class where someone didn't drop. And she said that if no one dropped by the start of the semester she will give me a form that I can take to the professor and request to be added even though the class is full. If it's a nice professor they usually let you in, and according to she is nice, so hopefully this will work out one way or another.

Also, we got our couch today. Oh my word it is huge!!

And tomorrow is Grace's party! I can't wait!! We are also going to take them to a trunk-or-treat after her party.
We've been doing some Christmas shopping for her finally. We got the cleaning set, the Tag Junior, three Sesame Street books for it, the carrying case for it, two Elmo cups, an Elmo plate, and the movie Polar Express. On Sunday I am going to get her the Leapfrog Scribble and Write thing. Then, all we have left to get is stocking stuff and the Kinect game for Grace. We still have to get Brentley some sippy cups, a children's Bible, and stocking stuff, then we are done for him too.
---Sidenote to Megan and Jessika. Megan, I found out that sale doesn't start until Sunday and they do have them on sale at Toys R Us. Also, the reading one you wanted for her is going to be on sale as well. Jessika, the Leap Pad is going to be on sale as well. I think I remembered you saying you wanted to get that for Kaedyn.

I've also got a bid on an Elmo ornament for Grace. If I win with the bid I have now I will only have to pay $3.50. I'm willing to go up to about $8, but so far no one has bid against me. Wish me luck lol.

Brentley blanket was finished today. Here's a pic of it.
I really like it! It's probably my favorite Christmas present for him.


  1. I went ahead and bought the scribble and write. hey had it at Walmart for $22. My car is a gas hog and I figured it would take 5 dollar difference plus some to go all the way to Toys R Us.

    I LOVE that couch!!! I would love to have something like that here!!

    That's good about your class. It sucks that you even had to go through all that though.

    It was 43 when I took Seth to school at 1. Freezing!! The high today here was only 44. It's officially coat season.

  2. Yea understand that. Since we moved back in February we are about 5 minutes from everything now. Where we used to live we were about 30 miles from most stuff. We had a Wal-mart, but that was pretty much it. It sucked.

    I didn't realize the couch was going to be as big as it is. It barely fits in our living room lol.

    Our weather keeps going back and forth here. It was 70 here the day before, then it rained during the night, so the temp dropped.

  3. That is good that it worked out. Did you have to sign up for another class just in case?

    Sweet couch. Jessie has been begging for us to get a sectional. He wants one that is the microsuede like we have now, only a sectional.

    The LeapPad is on sale? How much off? I have been trying to look on Amazon and stuff because I would Love to get one a little bit cheaper.