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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy couple of weeks..

The next couple of weeks are filled with halloween and birthday stuff for us. This coming Saturday we are going to a local amusement park. They have it all decked out for halloween, and they call it "Spooktacular." I know I won't get to ride much because of Brentley, but it will still be fun watching Grace ride all the little kiddie rides. It's only open from 6 - 11, so we won't be there for more than four hours if we stay that long.
-- Forgot to mention, this is depending on the weather... It only got up to 50 degrees here today! If it is that cold on Saturday we will not be going. The high is supposed to be 65 with a low of 38, so we'll just see.

On Sunday (again, depending on the weather), my mom and I are taking Grace, Brentley, and my sister to a fall festival. There is a a pmpkin patch, little games, pumpkin painting, hay rides, etc. Luckily we will be going during the day and the high is supposed to be 68, so I'm pretty sure we will get to do this. I really hope we do because I have cute little outfits for the babies to wear, and I think it will be a lot of fun!

We also bought a pumpkin that we are planning on carving sometime soon.

Then, next Thursday we are taking the babies to have their halloween pictures done, as well as Grace's birthday pictures.

Then Saturday (the 29th) is Grace's birthday party! I am soooo excited for this. I really cannot wait. I love throwing parties.

Her actual birthday is Nov. 3rd, and we are going to have our own little Elmo themed family outing. We have an Elmo balloon, an Elmo bag for her presents, and I am going to make Elmo cupcakes. We are going to take her to eat somewhere, and let her open her presents and eat cupcakes.

Then the next Saturday (Nov. 5th) is Grace's little friend Cayle's birthday party (they were born on the same day).

We have already done a few halloween things.

These are Grace's halloween crafts we did..

And today we went to Krispy Kreme and got halloween donuts.

Is that not the cutest thing??


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!!! Girl I would have died in that weather. It was freezing down here today...68 degrees. It's suppose to be like that tomorrow to and then working it's way back up to the 80's next week.

    I just did the same ghost footprints with them yesterday. I meant to post pics but haven't got a chance today:) hers came out way better though!!!

    That doughnut box is adorable!!!

  2. I am LOVING the ghost foot print! That is so adorable. I may have to steal that idea from you.

    I hope that the weather cooperates and you're able to enjoy your fall activities.

  3. That is adorable.! I can't wait for the fall festivities to begin.! I wish the little einstein stuff was easier to find.!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! Those doughnuts are too cute. So are her Halloween paintings.

    What a neat idea to have an Elmo Outing. ;)

  5. I definitely just realized that I forgot to mention halloween itself lol! Chris and I are taking the babies trunk-or-treating with my mom and sister.

    Grace loves to paint so she had a lot of fun with those. I'm tempted to do a ghost footprint with Brentley's little foot too lol.

  6. Sounds like good Halloween plans. Samantha Loves trick-Or-Treating with my little brother!