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Monday, October 31, 2011

I feel like crying...

As I mentioned, everything is not okay with my classes.

Basically our classes for our majorsare broke up into areas. Area A, Area B, Area C, etc. Well, when I first started I was told I had to complete areas A - E with a C or above in every class to be accepted into the education program. I had taken everything in A - E with an A, except for two classes, which I was planning on taking in the spring. Well, now I have been informed that I also have to complete area F.
That's not such a big deal... for one thing, more classes means more Pell grant.

The big deal is the fact that I was informed this by a friend, not a person who actually works at the college. And then my counselor finally emails me bac today telling me the same thing. Well she waited SIX days to email me. What kind of professional takes six whole days to do her job??? Not to mention I called her before that, and she has no answering machine, so I could never leave any contact information for her to call me back. So I go to look for some of the classes and it appears that most of them are full.
She was also saying I need something like eight more classes. I cannot figure out where she is getting this from! There are not eight classes in area F, and if there were, there is no way my major would be for a four year degree, and it is a four year degree, so I just can't figure it out. She wasn't specifying what classes I need to take. She just said things like "another elective," "another lab science," another English," etc. Then she says she has released me to register for any classes I need. Well that is great except for the fact that you didn't tell me all the classes I need!! Then she says most students make an appointment... well I have been trying to for over a week now, and no one would respond to me!! This was all in an email, so I couldn't immediately ask her. I replied to her asking if I could just make an appointment to go talk to her, and attempt to get all of this straightened out. No telling how long it will take for her to email me back though, and I don't think there will be any use anyway. Most of the classes are full. There's no way I can get put in the ones I need.
It looks like my two years left of college just turned into three years left :( I just don't know. I'll probably be taking summer classes again to try to get some classes in. Hopefully I'll get to go talk to her soon. Even if I can't get anything fixed I will feel better knowing what I need to do. Right now I feel like I'm out in left field with no where to go, and I hate that feeling.

It really bothers me even more because I am not a slacker. I am smart and an over-achiever. I am not trying to brag. I just take pride in that. I am not rich. I am pretty average when it comes to looks (I think of myself as plain Jane). But I am smart. I have made A's in every single one of my college classes. I have made the Dean's List every semester. I have tried and tried to contact them. I started trying to contact them on the first day registration opened. I could understand a slacker getting this sort of treatment, but not someone who is trying their hardest to make it work. I already got screwed over by my high school, and now I am getting screwed over by my college.

Sometimes I feel like just quitting, doing some sort of quick certificate program, and getting a job. But the three semester I've already done would have been for nothing. I am not going to let them do that to me. I will graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education, even if it takes me an extra year to do it!


  1. Oh girl, I am so sorry. Your post made me cry. You are trying so hard, and I know how hard you are trying, because I tried so hard in highschool and it seems like I was always the one who got screwed over.

    You are right. Don't quit! You won't get anywhere with a certificate-trust me-I KNOW-Show them that you can do it! I hope she emails you back soon. Keep us updated.

  2. I'm so sorry girl!! I know this is rough.
    The extra classes you have to take make sense if I am understanding right. We do the area thing also. How many electives or perspectives have you taken??? And have you already taken a science/lab??? How many English classes have you taken? So just a bit. confused but I may know what may be going on. Happened to me.
    Statistically speaking it normally takes 5 years to graduate.... I know that doesn't help but I don't want you feeling behind:(