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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ugg... and just ugg!

We had some pictures made today of Grace in her birthday outfit and both of them in their halloween costumes. Grace's birthday pictures came out really well, but after changing her into her halloween costume she was done with pictures. We only got one of her in her halloween costume. We got a few of Brentley, but none that I was just in love with. Also, his costume isn't long enough for him. It is supposedly a 0-6 months costume, but his legs are all scrunched up in it :(
We didn't have enough money to buy the cd but I will scan the pictures in when we get them next week so you guys can see them.
There is an option on the website to share the album on facebook, but it won't work for whatever reason :(

And also, Dalton State still hasn't gotten it's crap together. Like I said in a previous post, I put in a request to be registered for my classes. Well, I still have not heard a single thing from my counselor. So today I called her extension three times. Not once did I get an answer, and she has no answering machine, so I couldn't leave a message. After that I called the main number and told them, so they put me through to the education department (my major is Early Childhood Education). No answer from them either. I called the education department back about an hour later, and finally someone answered, but I was told that there was nothing they could do until my counselor releases me for registration. I explained that she wouldn't respond to me, so they told me to try emailing her again and if I haven't heard from her by Monday I am to contact the education department again. So I email her again and then go check the status of the classes I want. They are both already over half full!!! I put in my request the day that registration for spring opened up. I should already be in those classes!!!! So I look up the number for the advisemment department thinking surely the head of that department could release me, or at least get my advisor to respond. But of course, no answer!! Keep in mind that every single time I have gotten no answer from all these different departments it WAS during business hours... what the heck??? I left a message with the advisement department around 2pm. I also called two more times after that, and never heard anything from them! Also, when I emailed my advisor again it was around 11am, and I never heard anything back from her either.
I am going to be so angry if I don't get these classes!! Those are the only two classes I could find that were back to back on the same day. If I don't get these, I am either going to have a huge gap between my classes or have to drive to Dalton Monday - Thursday (which it's 40 miles there and back, so two days a week is MUCH better than four days a week). I am just sooooo angry about this! The education department won't do anything for me until Monday (which the classes will probably be full be then), and I can't get anyone else to respond to me :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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  1. Yah. That is how it was last year with Samantha's pictures. GRUMPY! She was done after a few minutes. And we didn't get any really good pictures of all of us.

    By the way, if you ever want that lady's number, just let me know and I will text it to you.

    Eh. Dalton has always been like that! They just can't get crap straight. They kept telling Jessie they never got his transcripts when we hand delivered them, had them mail, and faxed. After the FOURTH time they finally got them. Whatever.

    I hope you get your classes though. I would just keep bugging them. Maybe call first thing in the morning before they get busy?