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Monday, October 17, 2011

Thank the Lord!!

I'm back! Our router went out, and we had to wait for our cable company to send us a new one.. longest week of my life!! We don't have cable, so we had nothing to watch either :(
But it did give me a chance to be productive.. I cleaned out Grace's room. I got rid of several toys, and anything that Brentley can play with later is stored away for him. I also went through all her clothes and weeded out all the stuff that no longer fits her. I'll take some pictures of her new, organized room and post them on here when I get a chance.

In other news..

--I have been doing some more Christmas browsing. I bought Brentley blanket, and it is with the lady to have his named monogrammed on it. I also bought him a rubber duck dressed as a reindeer for his stocking. We had to buy Grace some new shoes because she grew out of all her old ones, so we have decided to buy the pretend play cleaning set for her for Christmas when we have more money instead of her birthday.  And Chris decided that he wanted to get this Sesame Street Kinect game for her for Christmas as well. I think she'll really like it.
I also decided that I want to get the Elf on the Shelf book and Polar Express for them to begin new Christmas traditions. Every year we will do the Elf on the Shelf thing (I found a bunch of neat ideas for it on pinterest), and every Christmas eve we will watch Polar Express (I love that movie lol).

-- Brentley had his first bottle. It was breastmilk.. still no formula here. He didn't like the bottle too much. I could tell he didn't, but he still took it, so that was a good sign. We are going to give a bottle at least once a week to keep him used to it, and all the other milk I pump is being stored in the freezer.

-- We are getting a really nice couch. My cousin's house got destroyed in the tornados back in April. Well someone donated a really nice couch to them, but their insurance company gave them money for all new furniture, so they are giving us that couch. It's brown and one of those L shaped couches. The long side has a pull out bed, and the short side reclines.

-- Grace can count to ten!! She is growing and learning so fast!

Here's a video of my baby boy :)


  1. OMG. He is so chuncky! I bet you hear that a lot. I wanted Kayelynn to be a chuncky baby but she was super skinny. :( That video is too cute. He looks like a very happy baby!

    I've never seen Polar Express, but I've been trying to find all kinds of different things that we can start doing so that we can have all kinds of little traditions. I can't wait. I love Christmas.

  2. his hair is getting DARK.! hes so handsome.! I'm going to do elf on the shelf too. :) and 'the night before christmas'

  3. Megan, haha yes he is very chunky! When he was 8 days old there was a woman who told me that she would have guessed he was 8 weeks old! Lol. And we met one 6 month old baby who was the same size as him the other day!! And Polar Express is amazing. It makes you want to believe in Santa again lol. Disney's A Christmas Carol is really goos too, but probably a little too scary for small children, so I'm going to wait until their older for that movie.

    Erica, in the sunlight his hair actually has a red tint to it. We aren't sure what color it's going to be lol.

  4. Oh my. So much news! Where to start.

    It is amazing how much more someone can get done when the internet and TV are down. lol. I was wondering where you were. That is awesome you got all that done though. I bet it feels good.

    Sounds like some good Christmas activities. And gift ideas. I like the blanket with the name on it. I told Samantha hers has the word "Cutie" on it and she said, "Well, that is one of my names." ;) I did not know they had Kinect games for little kids! What else do they have? We never use Kinect. lol. So maybe Samantha could.

    That is awesome about the couch. I can't even think of what they are called. I know it. Just can't think of it. SECTIONAL! That is what they are called. They are cute!

    Go Grace! I can't wait to see her!

  5. Go Grace!!! And I like those Christmas presents.
    Man I love his chunkiness!!! He is just darn cute!!! Kaedyn was really chunky too. He always looked older than what he was. People still think he is at lease 5....hes only 3. LOL!!
    I LOVE his smile. Man he is growing up fast!!