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Sunday, April 17, 2011

So much fun!

So Jessika, I have decided you guys are just going to have to come back every weekend LOL. We had a great time today! Thank you so much for Grace's Easter basket! She has already opened almost everything in it, so I didn't get to get a picture, but she LOVES it! And I LOVE the signs for Brentley's room :) They are adorable!! I feel bad for not getting your little ones more. I hope they like the coloring books, and I didn't know what Ely liked, so I got her some little toys that Grace loved when she was tiny like Ely. I hope you guys had a safe drive back! Kaedyn, Charleigh, and Ely are even cuter in person, and girl you are beautiful, inside and out!

Grace loved Charleigh!

She is such a little cutie! She wanted the camera, so I told her I would take her picture. I turned it around and said "Who's that?" and she said "It's Charleigh!"

Then I took this one and turned it around and said "Is that Charleigh??" And she was like "No." I didn't realize it, but the picture hadn't stayed on the screen lol, so I pulled it up and said "Is that Charleigh?" and she was like "Yes! Charleigh!" So cute!!! 


  1. Ha Ha. I AGREE! (on all of it!) Cute pics, Christina. =)

  2. Grace is so cute!!! Though you already knew that. Haha!! I love her big brown eyes. Sorry I wasn't much help cheering her up at Logans. I know what it is like and how frustrating it can be. I have to do it with 2. I was surprised they didn't break down. Haha.
    I was really hoping you would like the paintings. I really had a much better idea but little time. I am so excited for baby Brentley.
    I like the pics of Charleigh. She loves to look at herself and say "So Cute."

  3. Lol don't worry, there is no calming that child down once she gets all worked up. Thank you for trying though :) She really loves that flower. She carries it all around the house with her.

    Charleigh and Kaedyn are absolutely adorable. I wish Grace was old enough to talk like they do! And Ely is just precious!! Such a happy little girl.