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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not so good news..

I've talked about my brother on here before.. well he has been limping pretty bad lately, so my parents took him to Atlanta to the T.C. Thompson's Children's hospital, and they discovered that where he had the surgery for Legg Perthes Disease he is now getting really bad arthritis, and it is most likely causing him a lot of pain. There is no room left for reconstruction, so he is most likely going to have to have his hip replaced if they can't get the arthritis under control. He is only 18 and he is probably going to have to have his hip replaced :(

This is him and our sister Cheyenne.

And him with his notorious bunny ears.

On a little bit of lighter news.. I just found out that one of my old friends is 6 weeks pregnant. I'm pretty excited about this because ever since I have had Grace was have drifted apart. She was one of my best friends before then, so maybe it will bring us closer together again, and if she has a little boy our boys will only be about 5 months apart :)

And also, my Aunt messaged me on facebook today and said just sent me two boxes of clothes for Grace, and a big box of clothes for Brentley! She always sends the nicest stuff, so I am anxious to see what we get!! She lives in FL. so she has to spend a ton of money to ship the boxes. I have offered to repay her for the stuff, but she won't let me. She is so sweet! She said that she hoped we haven't bought many clothes for Brentley because "we will be set" so I'm really excited to get this stuff.. it's like Christmas lol.


  1. Oh no! That's horrible. He looks so sweet=) that must be so hard. I will keep him in my prayers.

    Awesome about the clothes. That's great! I just got a call from Drews Mom saying that she sent a couple boxes of Easter stuff and presents!! I can't wait!

  2. Lol only another mom would understand the joy of getting presents for their kids :)

    And thank you for praying for my brother :) How is your dad doing?

  3. I am sorry about your brother. That made me cry. I can"5 imagine that.

    That is cool about your friend though. Who is it?

  4. i still need to meet up with you one day and let you go through cayle's old clothes. sorry to hear about your brother. i hope all works itself out. <3