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Saturday, April 9, 2011

20 weeks!!

We have made it to the half way mark :) :) :) I can't believe I am that far along already!!

Not much has changed as far as symptoms go. On Thursday I was miserable. My muscles were aching and I was so nauseated and dizzy. I had a test at school, so I went and took the test, and then came home. If I hadn't had the test I wouldn't have went at all. It lasted :( Thank goodness I woke up yesterday morning feeling fine. Some days are fine and some days are just plain awful..

On a lighter note.. my pregnancy brain is completely horrible!! I never really had it that bad with Grace, so this is all new to me too. I do things all the time that I do not remember doing AT ALL. And a lose my phone pretty much every single day. I never remember where I put it. The only reason I remember to take my prenatals is because I leave them on the counter, so I see them everyday lol. I have had 3 bad experiences with this though..
1. I locked my keys in the car.. to this day I still do not remember locking the doors before I shut it.
2. I lost my gas cap. I have never done that before. I've had that car for almost two years, and I have always remember to put it back in. Funny thing is, I don't even remember when I left it out. I just went to get some more gas one day and it was gone! Lol.
3. This one happened a couple of days ago.. Grace and I were going to go get something to eat, and I was trying to put her in the car, so I sat my wallet on top of the car.. Well I didn't remember that I had done that until we were already getting our food at the drive thru!! I started freaking out because I just knew someone had gotten to it. It had my bank card, my school card, money, and my lisence in it.. I drove towards our place as fast as I could, watching the whole way there because I had no clue where it had fallen off. It's bright blue, so I knew it wouldn't be hard to see if it was there. Luckily I found it laying in the middle of the road open, but nothing was gone. People walk around our neighborhood all the time, so it's a miracle! Honestly, I truly believe God had a hand in this because there was a boy (about 10 years old) riding down the road on his bike when I was getting Grace in. When I was getting in he was getting close to us, and started slowing down.. then he stopped on the side of the road across from our drive way. I thought it was weird so I was watching him in my rearview mirror. I backed out, and drove off watching him, and as I went down the road he finally road off in the other direction. I had no clue what he was doing until I realized my wallet had been up there. The little twerp was waiting for it to fall off of my car!! Gahhh kids these days!! Amazingly it didn't fall off when I was backing out, or when I turned off of our road, but when I was turning out of our neighborhood, right in front of the landlord's office. God was seriously watching over it because it would have been a nightmare if someone had gotten it!
But anyway those are my experiences with pregnancy brain and I'm only half way through! Lol.

Also, the lady that's doing the big sister/little brother shirts for me was having a special this week. Only $10 per shirt! So I went ahead and ordered them. Only $20 for both shirts!! That is less than the price of one at other places. They won't be ready for 2-3 weeks though. If anyone wants to check her out she is
Bass BowsandSews on facebook. She has great prices on stuff for boys and girls. And she has a PayPal account, so even if you aren't local you can still buy stuff and she will ship it to you. This is the most recent thing she has done for us.. (you'll have to excuse Grace, she was eating Skittles and watching Barney lol)

Only $5!!

Now for some more pictures..

Everytime we go to the store I find a new kind I want LOL.

And this is me at 20 weeks (taken this morning), I have officially popped! I'm kind of sad lol, but I knew it was coming. I woke up like this about 3 days ago. Baby Brentley wants people to know he is there!


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  1. YAY!!! 20 weeks!!! You barely have a tummy. but the little one you do have is supper cute!!!
    I love Graces bow!! She is getting so big and her hair is growing! Cant wait to see her!!
    Pickles!! HAHA!!! I didnt eat them but drank the juice!