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Monday, April 4, 2011


Grace woke up at 3:30 this morning throwing up.. She threw up three times back to back pretty much. Two times in her bed right back to back, and then again in the hall on the way to the bathroom. It's 4:23 now. We just got everything cleaned up, and now we are laying on the couch watching Barney. She's drinking some water, and seems to be okay. She hasn't even acted sick today, and is acting just fine now. I'm really hoping something just didn't agree with her. Now she has the hiccups.. everytime she hiccups I think she's going to throw up.
Cleaning up the entire contents of someone's stomach is not fun when you are pregnant. Not fun at all. Believe it or not Chris actualy helped. He cleaned her up while I cleaned up everything else. Last time she threw up he wouldn't even get near her because he was gagging lol.
I really hope she doesn't get sick again while I am at school. He will not do good having to clean up everything..
Well I'm going to try to get her back to sleep now.. Pray that it was just a one time thing and that she's not sick.


  1. Awe poor thing!!! A few months ago there was a stomach virus going around. Kayelynn and Paige both got it. It's never fun to see you child(ren) sick! They couldn't even keep water down because they would instantly throw it up again. Hopefully it was just a one time thing and she starts feeling better!

  2. Hope she is feeling better. Poor baby! I hate seeing little ones sick like that. Yea it isnt fun while your pregnant neither is getting a stomach virus. I had one with Ely and fought it for 3 days but ended up getting sick anyways. I was the worse feeling.

  3. Thanks guys. She has been fine all day today, so I guess her tummy just didn't agree with her last night..