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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter..

I know I already posted a little bit about this, so now for Sunday..

We did our egg hunt Saturday, so we wouldn't have to wake Grace up early because she is in a bad mood all day if she has to wake up early..
At 1 we left for my mom's. We got KFC, and went to a little walking track down the street from my mom's because it has an open field and picnic tables. My mom, sister, nana, two cousins, Grace, Chris, and I all went. After we ate Chris and my two cousins (they are guys) played football, and me and my mom put out some eggs for my sister and Grace. They loved hunting the eggs, but Grace was so funny because my mom had some eggs that had designs on them and stuff.. Grace would NOT pick those up. She would just walk right by them and head for the ones like what we had at home :p She is so silly. It was so cute though because she was following Cheyenne around everywhere, and taking her hand. She loves her Aunty :)
Then we left there to go to Chris' mom's house for a cookout. Grace pigged out!! She ate a whole hot dog, half a (small bag) of bbq potatoe chips, and half a piece of chocolate cake.. that is a TON for Grace. Plus just an hour or so before that she had ate a few french fries, macaroni, and some biscuit from KFC. I was afraid she was going to get sick because I have never seen her eat that much. Then Chris and his brother went out side and hid eggs for her again. She was less interested in hunting. She picked up like 10 of them and wanted to go back inside lol.
And let me tell you, this girl has no interest in Easter baskets.. Chris gave her one, I gave her one, my mom gave her one, and Chris' mom gave her one, and she didn't pay any of them any attention, but she likes the stuff if you take it out for her lol. She is such a funny little girl.

Grace and my sister checking out the railroad tracks.

Grace's Easter outfit.. my dad bought it for her from Cracker Barrel. And Brittany it is Bluberi :)

My nana helping Grace look for eggs.

Cheyenne helping Grace look for eggs.

Grace finding her own eggs lol.

My mom also gave us a little onesie, a rubber duck, and some spoons for Brentley, and Chris' mom gave us some outfits she got at a yardsale for Brentley. He is stocking up already :p And I'm still waiting on that big box from my aunt. We also got his two Superman onesies today, and tomorrow I am going to my mom's to go through all of Grace's old stuff for anything that is gender neutral, like toys, burp cloths, her old bassinet (it's plain white), an ocean bouncer, etc. And I am also going to pick up the big SIS lil BRO shirts tomorrow..

I think they look a lot cuter when they are together. We are going to have their pictures made in them :)

Also, I found one diaper bag that I love, and guess what? They don't make is anymore :( I can only find it in green on one website, and can't even find it anywhere else. I can't really find any other diaper bags I like that would be good for embroidering.

This is the only one I have found for boys that I like. It can be embroidered, and it's big enough for a newborn. What do you guys think?


  1. Sounds like y'all had fun! Grace is getting so big. The onesies do look better together. The diaper bag is cute. Do you guys have any stores around y'all... Like small children stores. We have a bunch around here that sell diaper bags. We also have just bag places. idea.

  2. We do, but all the ones I've looked at so far are girly or plain. Like it's either plain blue bags or girly designs like flowers, swirls, polka dots, etc. Even if the bag is blue or green the designs are just too girly. There is one other store I can check, but I have a feeling it'll be the same.

  3. I Love those pictures! Cheyenne is getting big! And her hair is so long! Is she ready to be an Auntie again? lol.
    Jeez. I wish I could get Samantha to stop eating. In total Samantha ate 3 hot dogs, one hamburger, a bunch of chips, some fries, and four cupcakes. (That was lunch and dinner.) For breakfast she had a doughnut at church.
    AHH!!!!!! I LOVE Blueberi!!! That coat Samantha wore to her 2nd birthday was Blueberi. But we got it at a yardsale. Most of the really cute dresses I find at yardsales are that brand.
    I Love the diaper bag. It is adorable! Have you tried that store in Calhoun? I honestly don't remember exactly what they had, but my Mom gets Brennon's bags from there, and they are cute. And embroidering isn't that expensive.

  4. Ohh yea, Cheyenne has grown at least a foot since I moved out, and she has still never had her hair cut. She refuses lol.

    I haven't tried that one.. I'm not even sure I know what store you are talking about..