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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grace's room..

Grace has a portable crib.. she always has because my mom gave it to us. It's a lot smaller than a regular crib, so she is starting to out grow it. I started looking at cribs online, and ones that turn into toddler beds are pretty pricey. So I started thinking that since she can crawl out of a crib, why not just go straight to a toddler bed?
As I was looking at toddler beds I noticed they were all themed, so that got me thinking about Grace's entire room. For her birthday and Christmas I was already planning on redoing her room, and now I think I know what I am going to do. I always call Grace my liitle Princess, so I think we are going to go with Disney Princess theme. I also picked this because it fits with the dress up theme, and it can grow with her. If I picked something like Barney she would outgrow it pretty quick. I started looking on and found out they have tons of stuff for great prices!

It's only $50, plus we will have to get a mattress, so it will be about $90 all together. We are planning on getting this pretty soon.

The rest of this stuff will be a few months down the road for her brithday or Christmas, but it's my general goal for her room by the end of this year.

I couldn't find a bigger picture, but this is a 10 piece bedding set for $80, so I defnitely want that eventually! But for now we are just going to keep using the bed set she has.

These are removable wall appliques that I want to put around her name (vs. the polka dots there now).

 I just thought this light was really cute!
This would be her new toy box. The other one is boy-ish, so we'll give it to Brentley

 Grace loves the table my mom has for my sister, so I want to get her this one.
This would go on her door.
I want to get the toy organizers for her birthday, and then the bed set and table for her for Christmas.


  1. How cute! I Love it! Ya. Princess is something she will probably stay in for a long time. That is why we did Samantha's room in princess, because we call her a princess, but what we did in "princess" is easily removable because I am afraid she will outgrow it in the next few years and we will have to buy all new stuff.

  2. The way I see it is even if Grace feels that she has outgrown it, if we don't have the money to change it right then, she won't get made fun of for it at least lol. If she had Barney when she was 7 that might not go over so well lol. It's going to cost $200 for the bare minimum things we want. $300 if we get everything, so it's not cheap lol.

  3. Ha Ha. ya. I get what you are saying. I think it's cute! And you could always sale it to get more.

  4. SO Cute!! We were actually looking at the Cars set for Kaedyn yesterday. It is a good idea to go with Princesses. It will be awhile before she outgrows it like you said. HAHA!! We call Charleigh and now Ellanoa our princesses.

  5. Chris just bought the bed for her :) It'll be here by the 11th. We still have to get the mattress though.