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Sunday, April 3, 2011


So yesterday after the party my mom, my sister, my mom's friend, and her friend's daughter stuck around for awhile. We were all just sitting around talking about anything and everything, then we started talking about who is going to watch Grace while I'm in labor, since my mom is going to be in there and as of now Chris' mom is going to be in there.. Chris' mom wants her husband to watch Grace while I'm in labor, but I don't. The man has never had any kids of his own, and yeah he is good with Grace, but he has never watched her alone, and there is no telling how long I will be in labor, so I just don't trust my daughter with a man who has never had any kids of his own for that long.. is that wrong? I really want my nana to watch her since she will probably be the one watching my sister too (since my mom will be in there with me), so Grace will have a familiar face with her, and my nana had 5 kids of her own, 8 grandkids, Brentley will make her 5th great-grandchild, and she is raising her brother's two boys now. She knows what she is doing.

But anyway... the funny thing was, when we were talking about it, I wasn't even thinking and I was like, "Who watched Grace last time?" It only took me about two seconds to realize what I had just said, but it was hilarous because my mom said she actually started to think about it!!! I am just so used to having her here with me, and having to get someone to watch her during important events that it didn't even cross my mind that SHE was the one being born last time!!! LOL.


  1. Omg!!! It got me too. drew said that that we are genius's. haha!!!
    I was actually sitting there wondering it. Haha!!! At least you have an excuse pregnancy brain. But I don't have anything but pure ditziness. Haha!!!

  2. Girl, I sating to Jessie's Mom once. Good to know I'm not alone . Lol I guess we are just so used to having to find sitters for stuff like that.