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Friday, April 1, 2011

I can't tell the gender yet, but I want to talk about the appointment..

I can post this pic because it doesn't tell the gender or say the name :) "It's" got daddy's big lips! I'm never going to have a kid that looks like me :( Lol.
Everything was measuring right on target.. they baby is measuring at 9 oz. :)

Now for me.. I have lost another 2 and a half lbs. This coupled with my fairly frequent dizzy spells and the dry mouth/metallic taste in my mouth I have been having kind of concerns her. She didn't really say why. She just said that she wants to see me every 3 weeks instead of the normal every four weeks because she wants to make sure their isn't a trend going on. Basically for now she just wants to keep an eye on things. So I go back April 22nd.

As for the gender, those of you who don't know yet can find out tomorrow. For those of you who do know, I will also be posting pictures of Grace making the Build-A-Bear and pictures of the gender party :) Now I am off to bake cupcakes.


  1. The baby is super cute. I know I will never have a baby that looks more like me either.
    Metallic taste is a normal symptom for pregnancy and so is dizziness but maybe together with the weight loss something is going on. HMM? I dont know. I will keep you in my prayers and the baby too. Cant wait to see pics =)

  2. I don't think it's serious because she just wants to keep an eye on it. I think she just wants to make sure it doesn't get worse is all.
    I can't wait until I can post tomorrow!! I have been running like crazy today. I finished the cupcakes, and most of the cleaning, and now I'm attempting to decorate lol.

  3. LOL! I wish I was there to help you so you could put your feet up. Or at least occupy Grace for you. HAHA!!