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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great day :)

It seemed like everyone around us was cooking out today, and it smelled sooo good! We don't have a grill so we decided to go buy some charcoal and cookout at the park. Grace was so excited when we got there that she wouldn't wait for the food. I had to take her to play while Chris cooked the hot dogs lol. She had a blast!

Then we came home and she crashed within five minutes lol. She wore herself out!


  1. Goodness girl!!! She is getting big!!! I know what you mean. Every time we smell someone cooking out, we have to. The took all the grills out of the Battle Field, so we went and bought one because we were so desperate to have a cook out.

  2. aww what a wonderful family day. glad you got to go out and do this today.