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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A little bit of Easter..

We are going to a picnic/egg hunt tomorrow afternoon with my side of the family, and then we are going to a cookout with Chris' mom's side of the family tomorrow evening, so we decided to go ahead and do our family egg hunt today, so we wouldn't have to rush around so much. She did soooo good with the egg hunt! She loved it!!

Us opening the eggs.

Her basket of goodies after all the eggs were open.

I had more stuff left over then I thought I would, so I decided to go ahead and do a basket for her. I went after work yesterday and bought her a couple packs of color wonder things, then I had two head bands, a watch, a pack of hair bows, and some M&M's and Skittles. I'm going to give this to her tomorrow morning.

Also, I know I said I was getting different shirts, but it turned out that Brentley's shirt would have been too small for his name, so I'll have to get those when they're older.. This is our alternative. I don't like it as much, but it will do for now. She hasn't finished the "big SIS" one yet.

And then this is my prego belly at 22 weeks :)

At my doctor's appointment yesterday I had finally gained 1 whole pound lol. Brentley is also measuring now to where my due date should be Aug. 29th, but they left my due date at Aug. 27th.. Everything was looking good, and Brentley's hearbeat was going strong. He even kicked the monitor a couple of times lol.


  1. She is getting big. By time Mr. Brentley gets here, she will be almost 2! Can you believe that? She looks like she did very well with her hunt! And I Love her outfit!
    As far as the onsie goes, it is cute, but I don't like the colors she used very much. I am sure Grace will be very proud to wear hers though.

  2. Yea I wasn't thrilled that we couldn't use the other patch because I liked it a lot better! But we'll just have to wait until he is older so his name will fit. I planned on having her monogram some stuff for him like hats and a diaper bag, and I want to get Grace a monogrammed shirt.

    And she did so good with the Easter egg hunt! She got good practice with the fake eggs they used for her Easter pictures though lol.

  3. She is so cute! I love her dress!