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Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the results are...

IT'S A BOY!!! Baby Christopher Brentley, Christopher after his daddy and we are going to call him Brentley :)

His little face :)

Proof that he's a boy.. the lady called it his "turtle" lol.

Grace helping make his Build-A-Bear :)

She was picking out it's heart.

Then putting the heart in.

Finished product.

Birth certificate.

His little outfit we bought him :)

Making the cupcakes (I put more white on top after this).

After they baked.

After I iced them.

The signs I made for decorations.

When everyone took the first bite.

Grace taking her bite :)

Blue inside!!

We had more people than I thought we were. My mom, sister, nana, my mom's friend and her daughter, Erica, Adam, and Cayle, Chris' 2 cousins, their mom, and one of his cousin's boyfriends, and my dad and brother. I'm so excited to finally know!! No more wondering! Now we can actually start preparing. I can't wait to get his room set up :):)

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  1. That's cute that Grace helped make the bear. I bet it is really fun/different to be pregnant this time around since she can help. I remember when you found out what Grace was and went to go make her bear, just you and Chris. =p