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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where did this weather come from???

This summer was really hot compared to last summer so I figured we would have a warm winter, and it has been for the most part. Just a week ago we were in the 50's which is usually what winter is around here, and then a few days ago it went from 48 degrees to 24 degrees in just a few hours! It snowed that night, but was melted by the morning. Now today it started snowing again. I drove to my moms and stayed for a couple ours to let Grace visit her and my sister. I was about to leave and I walked out the door to get some clothes I was leaving with her and I almost fell off the porch! They are redoing their porch so it has no rails and to my surprise the whole thing was iced over! I fell on the stairs and almost off the side, but it didn't really hurt. I checked the roads and they weren't iced yet, so I figured we should leave immediately to get home before they were iced. My mom and I devised a plan to get me and Grace off the porch without falling again, but I ended up falling anyway lol. Thank God my mom was still holding Grace! I busted my shin pretty bad that time. It still hurts. Anyways, Grace and I made it home safely, but when we got here our neighbor was about to hit a fence.. she was backing up and he hit a patch of ice and started sliding towards the fence, so I called Chris and he came out and helped them while I got Grace inside. I think it would have been easier to get Grace inside if I would have been wearing ice skates. Our whole entire driveway is iced over! If it is going to be this cold why can't we have snow instead of ice??? I like snow so much more!

On the bright side, I picked up Grace's prize today (I don't remember if I said on here or not, but Grac won one of the photo contests!!). She got an adorable red and white tutu and a matching red and white bow with a snowman on it. That is $15 worth of stuff!


  1. First, the tutu sounds cute. What pic was it? And second, I know what you mean. We were at Jessie's Mom's and her porch was SO slippery! Then we had to drive home with the roads iced. It was scary. =(

  2. I dont think it will ever ice down here. Tomorrow it will be 70 and then friday 72. I like warm weather so much better than cold. It was pretty cold monday and tuesday like in the 40s ugh to cold for me.

  3. Brittany.. It was her pic with Santa.
    Jessika.. I love cold weather, but I like it a lot more when it snows! Lol. Supposedly it used to snow a lot every winter here. When I was two there was even a blizzard and like 6 feet of snow, but after that nothing. We are lucky if we get 6 inches. Chris and I want to move somewhere that it snows every winter but is warm in the summer (if I can't get a job around here when I graduate).

  4. Yeah I remember what blizzard you are talking about...well i dont remember it but I have heard of it. Drew and i want to pack the babies up when we graduate and go to sunny California... what a perfect dream.

  5. I can't stand it when it is above 80 degrees. I am a whimp when it comes to heat lol. Chris and I both like colder weather.