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Friday, December 10, 2010

I had such a good time today!!

Even though the other girl bailed on us, Morgan,Christian, Grace, and I still went to lunch. We ate at Panera Bread, and it is officially my new favorite restaurant!! I ordered a regular turkey sandwich and they messed up my order and gave me a artichoke turkey panini.. It looked really good so I figured I'd try it, and it was AMAZING!! I want to go back there first chance I get. It was also nice just to be able to talk to someone who knows what it's like to be a mom.
Also, she is going through some major issues with her baby's father.. She made me so thankful for Chris. Somtimes I get annoyed with the things he does, but I now realize that he is amazing compared to some guys. He loves me and I love him, and he is such a good father. He doesn't always help me around the house as much as I like, but at least he does do some things like load the dishwasher, mop, vaccuum, help me carry things to and from the car.. according to Morgan, her baby daddy would not do any of that.
I also started thinking about how blessed we truly are.. we have increibly supportive and loving families, a happy relationship, a nice place to live, cars to drive, a beautiful and healthy little girl.. after today I have realized that I need to stop worrying about the little things in life. I need to loosen up and enjoy every moment I have in this wonderful world!

Here is our family Christmas pics!!!


  1. SUCH CUTE PICS! Do you know who took them? I know a girl who works there. She is really good. I know what you mean. I used to get irritated that Jessie plays his game when he gets home from work for like an hour, but when I see 16 and Pregnant and those guys don't do ANYTHING but play their game, I feel SOOOO blessed.

  2. Thank-you! Umm I don't remember her name, but she is pretty, and she had long blonde hair. Always dresses really nice too.

    Yea, Chris has actually gotten a lot better about the games. He'll play, but no where near as much as he used to. He will actually talk to me or play with Grace. Grace loves him so much! It is adorable. She actually says "daddy" now.

  3. Cute pics. She is sooo adorable. We are getting xmas pictures done on the 24th since me and ely wont get out of the hospital until the 23rd.

  4. Aww.. I am really anxious to see pics of her lol.