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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So here is my news..

This may be way to much information, but I want to explain everything..
Chris and I have not had unprotected sex at all since we've had Grace, but I stopped taking my birth control a couple of months ago because it was really messing with my hormones.. crazy mood swings, and I gained 30 lbs! So we were only using condoms, but on Dec. 5th one broke. There was a hole in it the size of a nickel! So much for those being reliable.. At first I figured nothing happened because I looked it up online and there was only a 25% chance of me getting pregnant, and we only used protection on and off before we had Grace and it was 10 months before I got pregnant, but then I started having symptoms about a week ago. I took a test and I AM pregnant.
I have mixed feelings.. I am excited because I LOVE being a mom, and I am glad they will be close together. We will have no problems financially supporting it, and Grace is going to be a big sister..
But here are the things I am concerned about.. Grace being number one.. I am terrified that she is going to
feel replaced or unloved. She has never had to compete for attention and I don't think she is going to like that. Another thing I am worried is school.. I think I have it figured out though. I am going to take summer classes, and then take off the semester I have the baby. It going to be due on August 28th of 2011 (I already looked it up lol). Then I'll go back in the spring of 2012. Thatway I shouldn'tbe behind because I will have taken all those summer classes.
The last thing I am worried about is telling my dad.. He just got to where he likes Chris, and supports us being together. I am afraid we are going to end up back at square one with him, but I am hoping he will see that it is different circumstances this time. We live on our own, Chris is sticking around and supporting us, I've already finished high school, and there won't be the shock of me not being a virgin. But I still don't think he'll take it well. Chris wants to take him to lunch and tell him.. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not.
On the bright side Chris' mom is thrilled! Lol. And I told my mom today and she said she wants me to finish school, but other than that she almost seemed excited. So it is good to know I will have their support.

Other than that, I have been making a list of things we will need and browsing online. Chris reallllllly wants a boy. We already have a name for a boy too. I have a feeling it's a boy, but I will love it either way. We looked it up online and it was something like a 54.2% chance of us having a boy, so pretty good! If it's a girl we don't really have a name yet. We use our girl name on Grace lol. My first doctor's appointment is this coming Tuesday. Hopefully I will get to have an ultrsound!! As of now I am only 27 days, so I'm not sure if it's too early. I have been having a TON of symptoms this time.. No morning sickness thank-God! But anything I see on tv (food wise) I want to eat it lol. I can smell things no one else can. I don't like foods I normally love. I have had some heartburn, nausea, fatigue, and irratability, but my worst symptoms is the cravings! I crave everything!!

I know several of you have more than one, so if you have any advice PLEASE give it to me :)

Side note.. we had Cheyenne and Grace's pictures done today.. I think they came out well :)


  1. Okay first off....I KNEW IT....when you said you had something to tell us I just knew.
    Second if your gut is saying boy and you can only think off a boy name then I would say you are having a least this is how it has been with me all 3 times.
    Third the school thing is a good pretty sure i dont have to tell you this but stick to it. It is going to be harder now with 2 but you know in your heart that you have to do this for them.
    Fourth Grace will LOVE the baby. Dont worry about her being jealous...I find the closer you have them the easier it is for them to adjust...Kaedyn was only 10 months and so he didnt quite understand it all. Charleigh this time around...she is 21 months...abosolutely loves her...I prepared her with talk of a baby from day one. Though it doesnt seem like they understand what exactly a baby is that young...she was just a year when we found out...they grow and learn a lot in those 9 months as you know they learn stuff fast at this age. Point babies out in the store and tell her that mommy is going to have a baby. A baby for Grace. It is a good thing you have a dog...its good practice. I know that sounds funny but you can teach her how to be gentle...Charleigh now will rub Ellanoa softly on the head and say awww baby. Then of course I am sure you have heard this but introduce baby dolls. She might not take to them right away but eventually she will pick them up one day...even if it is months also doesnt have to be a baby baby doll. Charleighs favorite is a stuffed monkey and hamster. Just 2 months ago she started rocking them and singing to them and carrying them around. She even puts them to bed and covers them up. Stuff that I showed her here and there never really forced it and she just picked it up one day on her own.
    Now for support...there are always going to be people out there that are nay sayers especially because of your age. It can be hard and very annoying but remember that you really dont need them. You are confident and know what you are doing especially since this is your second. Dont pay people much mind. Like when you go to the doctors I guarantee that someone like a nurse or something is going to ask you if this is your first baby because of how young you are they automatically think that once you say you have a child already and when you mention her age you will see their faces drop or hear the change in their voice. After a while it get s funny because you will know what question and reaction is coming. I hope I am making since right now...I am on a pain medication now that Drew is home..HAHA
    OMG there is so much I have to say!!!
    Like the second time around is no lie harder than the first just because you have a child already. Everything becomes a bit more difficult but you will see you adjust quickly especially if you have the mind set of this is what i HAVE to do and just get it done. You wont even really remember time when the baby wasnt there. Ely is only 8 days old and it seems like she has been with us forever.

  2. Oh and some advice on weight gain...I was always told that it gets harder to lose the baby weight once you have more than one. So I made sure to gain a decent amount this time around...the recommended amount is i wanted to stick to that. I watched what I ate and did more fruits and healthy snacks 2% or 1% milk and i have to say it worked...I only have 8 more pounds to lose to be down to my pre pregnancy weight. I also walked a lot and took stairs and stuff instead of elevators. Im not saying to not give into cravings but try not to give into them as much...I hope you are not taking this not calling you big or anything...I just wanted to share because this really worked for me and I know you were working on your getting your pre pregnancy body. Anyways I am sure I have overwhelmed you but I am super excited. This might help my pregnancy fever. I dont understand...I hate being pregnant but I miss her moving in me. HAHA!!! Im crazy I know. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer best I can. I am young with 3 children. I have been through it all from living on our own paying bills and paying for 2 babies to going to school. It all seems hard and I will admit impossible at times but I swear it can be done.

  3. Congrats! I was wondering when you would post it! And the pics are just lovely!

  4. Thanks for the advice Jessika! It is really helpful :) Since we got the Kinect Chris is going to set me up a work out with Active 2 (a fitness game he got for it), so that way I can work out easily. I'm hoping that will keep me healthy. Plus I am planning on breastfeeding again, so hopefully that will take off my baby weight like it did last time (before I started taking birth control and gained it all back).
    Thanks Brittany and Chrissy :)

  5. I was hoping you wouldnt take it the wrong way :) I just wanted to share it since it worked pretty good for me.
    I wanted to try and breast feed but with school coming in 2 weeks I wasnt sure how it would work. I didnt want to have to ween her after such a short time. I knew i could pump but i also knew that was time consuming. It would be hard to pump or breast feed running after 2 toddlers.
    I really hope it works out for you and isnt so painful this time around. ?I cant wait to hear how your first doctor appointment goes.
    Im So excited for you!!!!!
    O and im sry for the long reply. Drew said that you were not looking for a novel. O and he also said for you to have the baby on the 21st...his bday. LOL!!!! As soon as I read that you were pregnant I ran and told him before even finishing the post.

  6. Lol I will aim for the 21st! My mom's is the 20th of Aug. and my sister's is the 24th of Aug. so they are all going to have close birthdays! And I honestly don't mind that it was long. If anyone can give me advice I know you can, and I actually trust the things you tell me :)
    Also, i understand what you are saying about the breastfeeding. That is part of the reason I want to take that semester off, but also my school doesn't offer online classes, so I think I would just end up failing everything, and I DO NOT want that on my record. Plus I think it will be easier on Chris having to watch both of them if the baby is a few months old when I go back..

  7. Thanks!!! I try to be helpful. Im glad you dont mind my advice. I have been asked questions by older moms and they just look at me like I am crazy when I answer especially when they ask my age. LOL!!! Im used to it. Yeah I wasnt sure if there were going to be any online classes that I could take so I decided to not to breast feed. But gosh I got so many bad looks from hospital staff. GEEZ!!! Yeah It will probably be easier for him. I know it would be on Drew. Guys dont have the mommy patience. I mean they are good with them but can only hold out so long were as somehow we keep pushing through even on the really hard days were babies are fussy,papers need to be written,dogs need to be walked,house needs to be clean, and dinner cooked. :)
    So how are you feeling? Any morning sickness or night sickness. With Ely I would get nausea everyday in the beginning at 1 o clock every afternoon...I never threw up...with any of them..Thank God!!!!
    O I wanted to tell you that walmart now has gummy prenatal vitamins..they are suppose to be easier on the stomach.