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Thursday, December 9, 2010

School is over, time for Christmas!!!

I just finished my last final today. Now I'm on Christmas break!! I know that I made a 97 on my U.S. History final! Yay!! Still waiting on the grades from the other three, but I think I did pretty well overall :):)
Now, I can focus on Christmas!!

I'm going to lunch tomorrow with Morgan (the one who has the baby named Christian) and one of our mutual friends who went to Kennesaw State University, and is home for the holidays. She doesn't have a baby, but she loves both of our babies. Then, Chris, Grace, and I are going to get our family Christmas pictures done!! I'm excited. I will be able to post them by Saturday, if not tomorrow night. Then, on Saturday we are going to meet my dad and brother at this place called the Gordon Lee House. It's this huge house that was there during the civil war and the used it as a hospital I think. It's a museum/bed and breakfast now, and every year for Christmas they decorate it all fancy and all the people dress up like the are from the 1800's. You get to tour the house and at the end you get hot apple cider and warm cookies. My dad used to always take me when I was a kid and I LOVED it. I want Grace to learn to love it too.

Aside from all that, I have been very busy wrapping presents! I have wrapped over 30 presents and I still have a couple more, but I went ahead and took some pics.
They have taken over our kitchen table! Lol.

I cheated and bagged some of them, but they are all for adults or older kids who don't really care.

I made sure to wrap all of Grace's presents. These are all just for her! She has a lot. We are done shopping for her now.. we got her the IPlay Fairyland Playhouse, some Taddoodles markers, some extra Little People Noah's Ark animals (my dad is getting her the Noah's Ark for Christmas), two different packs of five small Wheel Pals, four medium Wheel Pals (wrapped together), three Christmas rubber ducks (wrapped together), a Tinkerbell cup with a snap on lid that has a straw, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Barney's A Night Before Christmas, Barney's Halloween Party, some pink curtains, a fairytale themed wooden puzzle, and a farm themed wooden puzzle. So 20 presents all together. Plus, we have a marshmallow puff lollipop, a card, some balloons, some bubble bath, some fruit bars, and some yogurt bites for her stocking. She is going to be a happy girl on Christmas! Lol.

Back to the presents.. they are still missing bows and name tags. Those are coming tomorrow.


  1. Very cute! Samantha got Barney's Night Before Christmas as her Christmas Eve gift. =p Your gifts look so pretty. I'll bet under the tree is full now! I still have lots of wrapping. I ran out of bags and boxes. I have to get some more. That's awesome school is out. Mine is too! I am so excited! lol. Seems like you are doing great in school. That's awesome too! You will already have what like three credits? I can't believe that. Seems like August wasn't that long ago.

  2. This is my last week of school pretty much. I do have a final next week. I havent even started wrapping but I know i need to soon so that it is all done by the time Ellanoa is here. I am not that good at wrapping presents but Drew sure isnt so I need it done before I go into the hospital(11days!!!) or I wont be able to do it since i will have to bend and move and that just isnt happening after a c section.