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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grace's words..

Grace has had a language explosion this past week!
On top of her original words (mama, dada, uh oh, yay, hey, wee, hi, bye(bye)), she can now say dog, no, yea, go, you, hello, and daddy. But that is only the half of it! She is now starting to form sentences. The main thing she will say is "hey you" but she can also say "hey daddy," "hey dog," "lets go," "I see you," and "I love you." It is so cute to hear her talking!!!
Some other things that involve language.. If I ask her where her tummy is she will pat her tummy, and if I ask her where her hair is she will grab her hair (also, if you hand her a hair brush she will "brush" her hair). It is so cute!!
She is also beginning to answer questions now. Just the simple "yea" or "no" but it's still an answer!
And if you ask her if she wants more she will hand you her cup if she wants more. But my absolute favorite thing is that she gives kisses now!!! If I ask her for a kiss she will lean in and kiss me. I LOVE IT!

Her favorite things to do are chase Ollie and laugh when he runs (lol), and play ball with Chris and me. She is getting pretty good at throwing things!

Also, this is her newest development.. she's eating by herself with a spoon!!


  1. Aw, That's awesome! Very cute! I know you have been wanting her to talk for a long time. =)

  2. Go Gracie!!!! She is getting so big. I miss my babies being babies.