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Monday, December 20, 2010


I have been sick for five days now.. bleh :( I finally decided to go to the doctor yesterday and I have the flu. I have never had te flu before and I don't ever want to again. Being sick and being a mom are two things that should not happen at the same time. I feel like such a horrible mother, but I was so weak and achy that I could barely get off the couch. I am feeling a little better today because they prescribed me some medicine.. it is helping. At first I thought this was just a cold, but it kept getting worse and worse and everything just hurt. At least today I can get off the couch, but if I just barely move I start coughing or sneezing my head off. Luckily Grace just had her flu shot last month, so she has not gotten it from me, but she has gotten a little raspy with her breathing (nothing new there really though, she pretty much stays that way in winter). I'm just hoping we are both fine by Christmas Eve (we have to go to Chris' Aunt's then).

As far as Christmas itself..  have officially finished all shopping. Even for the stockings. I just have one present left to wrap and I have to put bows on everything. I also have to redecorate the tree because Grace pulled off all the ornaments she could reach.. I planned for that and only put non-breakable ornaments on the bottom.

In other news.. Chris got pulled over for his tag light being out. I didn't even know that you had to have a tag light?? The cop was a real jerk to him. Even searched his car basically accusing him of having drugs.. and guess what? He found NOTHING. I hate that cops seem to assume every young guy does drugs or drinks.
And here we are right before Christmas and the cop gave him a ticket for it?? Chris didn't even know it was out! Plus he told the cop that he had Grace and me at home.. he must have been the most heartless cop in the world. And guess how much the ticket is??? $85!! For a tiny little light!!! We budgetted everything out for Christmas and we only have money for what we budgetted, so we have no idea how we are going to pay it. Any other month and we would have been fine, but since it is Christmas we have spent all of our extra money on presents for everyone. And we have to pay it by the end of December or they will put out a warrant for Chris!! I just don't know what we are going to do. We'll figure it out somehow though.. Even if we have to borrow money from our parents.. we never have had to do that since we moved out, and we really don't want to, but it's better than Chris going to jail!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is terrible. That cop is a prick! I am sorry. I know what you mean. Christmas has drained us. One little thing will put us over the edge. lol. We are hoping it won't be that way much longer if I start working.

  2. Can you go to court? Get the light replaced and show the receipt to the judge and they will possibly dismiss it.

    Susan Evans (lauren's mom)

  3. I would at least call the dept. of transportation and see what they suggest. If Chris goes to court just make sure he explains calmly what happened.

  4. We were thinking of going to court, but if they don't throw it out then we would have to pay court costs too, and we don't want to have to pay even more.