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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update on the kiddos :)

They are just growing too fast on me! Brentley will be 14 months old at the end of this month, and Grace will the THREE in less than a month! How is it that my babies aren't babies anymore??

Brentley is starting to talk more! He can say mama, dada, ball, go (he loves to say go go go), here go, thank you, no, peek boo (for peek a boo), and yum. He can also say "more" in sign language.

He still only has eight teeth. He got those eight teeth in like two months, and then he just stopped getting teeth lol. I have no idea when he will get more because he doesn't have any poking through. When we brush his teeth, I will say, "Say ahhh" and he will hold his mouth open while he says, "ahhhhhhhhh." It's so cute!

He is ALL boy. He is rough, not afraid to get dirty, loves bugs and animals, loves to climb, loves any type of ball (football, baseball, etc.), and loves to play with cars and trucks. He will push them across the floor while he says, "vroooooommmmm." I just love how cute they are at this age!

I can tell that he can understand far more than he can say. I'll say something to him, never expecting him to understand, and then he does it! He never fails to amaze me. I swear he is going to be a genius (and that is not even me saying that just because I'm his mom).

I think one of his major accomplishments as of late would be that he's not afraid of sliding anymore! In fact, that is his favorite thing to do now when we go to the park :)

And, despite all of this, he is still my calm, observant child. If we are in a new place or around new people, he'll hang back. He is getting to where he warms up faster now though.

Grace is my ball of energy in every way. She can't sit still for more than a few minutes, and she can't play with one toy for more than a few minutes, then she moves on to a new toy.
She also talks all the time. We are working on her interrupting right now. She thinks that she has to be in every single conversation, so she just interjects herself right in by saying, "Mommy, I'm talking to you!!!!" She doesn't understand that you're not supposed to interrupt, no matter how many times I explain it to her.

She loves to learn. She's constantly counting things or singing her ABC's. She can recognize numbers 1-12 (maybe higher now, I need to test her again) and all of her ABC's. She can count to five with her fingers, and she can count to fifteen if she's counting something like M&Ms. I believe she is starting to realize that letters go together to make words, so after her birthday, I am going to start trying to teach her some simple words, and see if she's ready. She can also name all the colors (including black and white).

She LOVES to talk in Spanish. I know some Spanish, but not much, so she gets frustrated when I don't understand what she is saying. She can count and say most of her colors in Spanish, plus a bunch of random words like amigo, hola, abajo (down), arriba (up), just to name a few.
She can also sign "I love you" "More" and "Thank you." We are working on signing the ABC's.

She loves to sing. I have Gilmore Girls set to record every time it comes on, and whenever I watch it she jumps up and sings the theme song (and Brentley always dances to it). She also always sings to that annoying JG Wentworth opera commercial. You know the one... CALL J G WENTWORTH. 8 7 7 CASH NOWWWWWWWW. CALL NOW! Yeah. every. time. Lol! We just realized that she picks up the words to any song she hears... we learned this because the other day, she was running around the house singing, "Hey sexy, please text me! I'm ready for you!" I just about died when I heard her singing that. It was Chris' ringtone on his phone. He barely ever gets phone calls, and she picked it up. Needless to say, that's not his ringtone anymore because that is NOT a song I want my innocent little girl singing.

Grace is a good mix of girly girl and tom boy. She loves to play dress up, have her nails painted, wear hair bows, play with her baby dolls, etc. but she also doesn't mind getting dirty, playing rough, hitting/throwing/kicking a ball, etc.

She is so excited about her birthday. She talks about it everyday :)

Sorry for the lack of pics lately. My camera is messed up, so we've been using Chris' iPhone, but he takes it to work with him, so I haven't been getting a lot of pics :/ Here are a few though :)


  1. So adorable. Love them both. I especially enjoy seeing Grace now that she is older. Such a sweetheart. And I like to talk to her. :)

    I swear it seems like you were just talking about Grace hitting the same milestones Brentley is now! That is so crazy that it has been 2 months since his birthday. I did not realize that!

    Sam is wanting to learn Spanish now. I took several years in elementary, middle, and then two semesters in highschool, so I know a decent amount. I am trying to teach her a little. I figure since she shows interest, I can't pick and chose what she is allowed to learn...Well, I guess I could, but I won't.

  2. She will talk you ear off lol. She really adores you and Sami. She talks about you two all the time lol.

    The older they get, the more I want another baby. I miss them being babies. I told Chris the other day that, if we ever get pregnant again, it has to be twins. A boy and a girl lol. We're still not sure if we'll ever have more kids or not.