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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall festival :):)

We took the kids to the family fall festival that my school hosts every year. We went when Grace was one, and there was only about 10-20 other people who came. We didn't go last year, but I was fully expecting this year to be the same as when we went before... Boy was I wrong! When we pulled up there were people EVERYWHERE. It was very crowded. We still had fun though! And I just about died of happiness because part of it was Hunger Games themed!! You all know my obsession lol.

Right as we got out of the car. My little butterfly!

And my little sock monkey :)

Playing the first game.

I thought this one was cute!

Putting together a skeleton puzzle.

Brentley got to get in on this one! He was too young for most of the stuff.

He got to throw the ball, too. He really liked that lol.

She was ready to hit that pinata! She was first in line lol.



The Hunger Games sign. The circle is a Mockingjay symbol. 

Grace shooting an arrow with "Cato."

Me shooting an arrow lol.

Seneca! He had "the beard."

Peeta, Prim, and Caesar!

We all had a really good time tonight. I love that my school does stuff like this for the students who have kids! Oh, and Grace and Brentley also got balloon animals. I didn't get pics, but they are amazing. Grace got a butterfly, and Brentley got a bear. The guy who made them was a professional. I had no idea that you could be a professional balloon animal maker lol. He was literally touring the country. He said that he was headed to Texas tomorrow. Crazy lol.


  1. They look so cute in their costumes!!! I can't wait until Halloween!

    That looks like so much fun!! I'm jealous!! I told Brian yesterday he should grow a Seneca beard. Lol.

  2. Thanks :) They'll be wearing them again tomorrow too lol. And then on Halloween of course.

    Hahaha, I love the beard. He should totally do it! :p

  3. Oh-My-Gosh! Brentley is SOOO cute in that costume! ADORABLE! I just LOVE it!

    How exciting for Grace to be able to play the games now!

    I forgot we have the zoo today! I am going to text you and we will figure out when and where to meet.

  4. Haha, thanks girl! I really like it on him. Everyone was complementing it :)

    I know, and she was so excited to play them. She would walk right up there and do them.

    Lol how'd you forget the zoo?? Okay. Just text me :)

  5. That is exciting. Tonight is going to be awesome!

    Girl, every day runs together for me. I am lucky I remember I gotta leave the house on Thursdays.