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Friday, October 12, 2012

Grace's gymnastics.

She is doing really well. As you can hear in the video, she is the "leader" of her class. Chris has been taking her, and I stay with Brentley. I think it is good for them because they get to spend some time together since he has been working so much lately. 
They said that she could move up a class, but we decided to let her stay in the same class for one more session, so she will finish out the year in Gym Tots I, then she will move to Gym Tots II in January. 
We decided to leave her in Gym Tots I for now because once they move to Gym Tots II, the parents don't go with them any more. Chris likes spending that time with her, and being able to help her, so we're going to keep it where he can go with her. 

Here's the video of her receiving her ribbon. 

Here she is with her class showing off their ribbons. Grace is the one on the far left. 


  1. That is too cute, girl! I know you are proud of her. :) I am glad she is doing so well. Seems like just the other day you were talking about how you can't wait to put her in something. Now she is in gym and she is doing awesome! And that is so great Chris gets to take part in it. :)

    I think you did the right thing to keep her in Gym Tots 1. I haven't ever seen her do gymnastics. I am sure she is awesome, but her and Chris getting their time is important, and as much as I hate separating ages, I do think at this age it is a good idea in these sorts of activities. I am glad we held Samantha back in her beginners dance class because she is more confident now because she is not the youngest one in class. (Not that Grace has a problem with confidence. lol) It just seems better in the long run.

  2. I definitely am proud of her! Chris is pushing her to be an olympian I'm pretty sure lol.

    I think it'll work to where she will be about the same age as the other kids in her group next year. Right now she seems so much older than all the others in her group. It's 2-3, and most of them are early 2's. When she moves to gym tots II, it's 3-4, and she'll be early 3's. I think it'll be a good age group for her then.

  3. lol She may decide to get really into it on her own!

    We didn't push Sam at all with dance and she is so into it and acting. She is going to be a "stage whore." I definitely never imagined she would be!

    Yah. Sounds like that'll work out. She is getting so old! I can't believe it!

  4. Oh she loves gymnastics all on her own. Whenever I haveto pick Chris up, the guy he works with lives where we used to, so we drive past the gym, and every time she says, "Are we gonna go to my 'mastics'?"
    And she gets sad when we aren't :( Poor thing lol.