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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


These first few are from Boo at the Zoo, which we went to last Friday. 

Big sock monkey, little sock monkey. Lol.

Grace and Sami were riding together lol.

Zombie baby!!!!! This picture is creepy!

They were in a costume contest!

And these are from today's various Trunk-Or-Treats!

He kept trying to pull the hat off. We joked that he looked like a hobo without it lol.

My sister and the kids. I'm not sure what my sister was... not even my mom knew. My sister wanted to be a rainbow, and that's what it turned into lol.

How cute is this??? And his parents were chefs LOLOL. (Yes, we got permission to take this picture).

Making a sand art pumpkin, which she managed to break before we even got home :p

Hayride! The kids would not look at the camera for anything :/

We had fun! It wasn't as cold as it has been all week, so that was nice. We went to three different Trunk-Or-Treats. The kids got a ton of candy!

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